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  1. shadophox

    Zombie Invasion Failed

    ok wait, so your saying that people who have actually disabled zombie invasion are still in the invasion roster? Cause if that's the case.....I did they not catch that?! They develop an impressive game and then overlook something so basic and elemental. Lol, That's like piloting the space shuttle twice around around every planet, moon and asteroid in the solar system and then accidentally forgetting to pop the landing gear for the landing.
  2. shadophox

    Co-Op Issue/connection Problems

    will this also address the issue of never being able to get in a game as a zombie?
  3. shadophox

    Zombie Invasion Failed

    If this is the case, they seriously need to patch in an invasion auto-disable that triggers when people do that. If I go right back in to matchmaking the same people that just dropped multiplayer are right back up on the matchmaking roster.
  4. shadophox

    Ps4 Coop Cannot Establish Connection

    yeah the ps4 matchmaking for this game is easily the worst I've ever experienced, and that's saying alot. Tried all morning and got in one match. That match must have been bugged because no nests spawned, and after being killed once i continuously respawned inside a restricted area to insta-die, sooo....back to trying to get in a game. Safe to say that "be the zombie" is all jacked up to the point of "want to be the zombie" "try to be the zombie" "can't be the zombie" "torture the zombie" "....GOD I HATE BEING THAT FREAKIN ZOMBIE"