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  1. Ltgrim1122

    Dying Light Universe

    It came from space
  2. Ltgrim1122

    Stuck At Survivor Level 24

    I cant help you with your level problem and don't quote me on this . I think a techland representative said that dead inland 2 was replaced with Dying light. I don't think there's going be another dead inland game like i said don't quote me on this.
  3. Ltgrim1122

    My Uv Light Has Disappeared

    Thanks it will help the next time it happens
  4. Thanks to my uv light disappearing i had to start all over again .It wouldn't be that bad if you can buy a new one but you can't. This kind of thing can ruin a game. No i didn't sell it or dropped it.
  5. Ltgrim1122

    Night Hunter Infinite Spit Needs To Be Patched Asap

    All you did was prove that it only takes 1 good survivor and the hunter will never win. If you can beat someone who was expoiting/cheating the game, then people who arent doing that wont stand a chance. Also your vid proves that end game survivors can destroy bases with one hit. Thats bs. The hunter needs ramped up big time.
  6. I've played as the survivors and the zombie. As the survivor You or a group vs a zombie hunter too destroy the nests, and as the hunter you try to kill the survivors before they destroy nest sounds fun right ... not. I've played about fifteen match only won about five or six. the survivors are OP almost unlimited uv lights and flares.With survival instinct they always know exactly where you are at all times no matter what you do . All the survivors have too do is throw a stream of flares and constantly us your uv light that takes five too six sec to fully recharge or just constantly tap it and it will last forever. Whenever your the zombie and you get hit by uv light or flare it keeps you from pouncing, tackle ,runing or fleeing and you can die with one too three hits. The abilities take to long to recharge, it takes three to four normal hit to kill someone the spits take to long detonate it takes one jump for the survivors in any direction to evade it and i'm not talking about near misses either.
  7. Ltgrim1122

    Be The Zombie! - Unbalanced

    in be the zombie 1v1 is pretty easy but 1v2 1v3and 1v4 is almost impossible. the uv light is way to strong, my abilities take way to long to recharge and when i do use them they take to long to detonate. also why do we have to same amount of health as the survivors. that doesnt make much sence to me and some of them can kill me with 1 to 2 hits. If you get 2 or more players who know what there doing you wont win