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  1. OneShotWonder92

    Fix The Coop Crashing On Ps4

    I feel your pain bro. I don't get the crashing side of the game but I cannot connect to any game. I get this "Cannot Establish connection to server" Error. Every other game and internet function works perfectly though. They better patch the game soon or better yet release a game finished instead of half assed!!
  2. This has been happening since the digital release. I have changed modems and tried port forwarding. I have not once been able to successfully join a game since release. Please help Is this a common issue or are we waiting for techland or psn to pull their head out of their A$$. I keep getting the error "Cannot Establish connection to server". I have tried Restarting modem Resetting modem Resetting Ps4 Resetting Licenses on ps4 Different modems Forwarding ports What else is there?