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  1. rudabaker454

    The Whole Story Trophy Still Glitched

    I was just curious how you finally got it to pop.
  2. rudabaker454

    The Whole Story Trophy Still Glitched

    I thought I read a post where you said you got The Whole Story to pop on NG+...I was on my phone and I can't remember what you said. I read a lot of your posts and I've tried a lot of the same stuff. The only thing I haven't tried is NG+ which I'm going to do right now.
  3. I posted this a few hours after the patch and my topic was deleted....Why? This trophy is still glitched for many people. If I could just get a straight answer on how to unlock this trophy I'd be fine with doing whatever was necessary. I've tried every other suggestion aside from doing every single side quest over again on a fresh start. If this was a 100% positive answer I'd run them all again no problem. EDIT - This trophy popped along with my platinum after I started a NG+ and ran about 26 side quest. This game was fun, but these trophy glitches definitely pissed me off. It seems like they screwed up so bad with something so easy. Won't be returning to this game, and I'll wait to buy, if ever, any other game developed by Techland. Later fellas
  4. rudabaker454

    The Whole Story Trophy

    Yea, I got them all.
  5. rudabaker454

    The Whole Story Trophy

    Yes, I mean I made a fresh save file and started from scratch and nothing. I'm also positive I did all the side quests. All 51 to be exact. Also my campaign screen shows 100% story 100% completion. What else can I do?
  6. rudabaker454

    The Whole Story Trophy

    I tried this as well...Jumped on and nothing popped, so I ran a side quest and still nothing.
  7. rudabaker454

    The Whole Story Trophy

    I had 100% of the game beat before patch and it's still glitched for me. I've tried starting new games, and joining co op games and completing side quests and still no trophy. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?
  8. rudabaker454

    Glitched Trophy Solutions

    Just wanted to let you guys know I got the safe house trophy to pop by starting a NG+. Started a fresh save at the last mission (extraction), and just cleared the first 3 safe zones I came to and it popped. I also got the This his Haraaaan trophy to pop after hours of kicking zombies off the Infamy Bridge, I realized as soon as I kicked them off they'd immediately respawn. So, I kind of had a hunch these respawn zombies didn't go towards the count, and said chupacabra it and decided to come back to this trophy later. So, today I decided I'll go to Old Town kick 10 zombies off roof tops, and if it doesn't pop it's glitched because I've kicked massive amount of zombies off rooftops/cliffs. After like 3 or 4 it popped, so I can only assume these respawn zombies were the culprits. So, guys I'm not saying these are 100% solutions but they worked for me. If you guys are struggling with these trophies maybe these will work for yinz.
  9. rudabaker454

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    I have 5 glitched trophies, and it sucks. Safe zones, this is haraaaan, side quests, collectables, and rais' men are all glitched. Haven't tried any of the online/co-op stuff. Not sure if I want to until I know if these trophies will get fixed. Also, I have a question. Does this kind of stuff usually get patched within a timely manner? Like with previous games with glitched trophies did they even get patched at all? I don't have much exp. with glitched trophies, so I didn't know if any of you guys could shed some light on this.