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  1. thebobman

    The Following: Virals And Volatiles

    You won't get banned on single player and all the other stuff that the guy below your OP posted about disabling VAC. If you're worried about getting banned, just install tunngle and play the game on LAN. The spawns are perfectly fine. The super zombies are perfectly fine. Everything is fine, you just need to grow a sack.
  2. thebobman

    The Following: Virals And Volatiles

    If your complaining that it's hard, which it's not, here's how you fix your problem:
  3. thebobman

    Sabirs Hut Quest Glitch

    So I am doing the side quest to search for Sabir. I found his hut and I destroyed the only hive thing underneath his hut no problem. Once I got out of there and back to the hut to get the herbs, I couldn't jump into the hole underneath right away because there is very little space to stand up. I had to use the grappling hook to actually get in. Once I was in, all I could do was pick up a racecar trophy and open a chest. I can't do anything else inside this hut which is useless since I need to pick up some plants inside the hut somehow. Any help is appreciated. Update: I found the herbs. They are not in the hut, but rather in the hole that's under the hut in a bag inside a crate that needs to be broken. The hut remains to be unusable. Also, on the map it has a marker on it called custom place. I have no idea what that means.
  4. So I have been in this forum since day one (although my posts may not show this since I lurk more than post) and I have really been enjoying the new DLC content. But a long time ago, before the following was even announced (and maybe even an idea at the time), I made a thread talking about creating a new DLC that would let the player enter the world of Harran from a different characters point of view. The idea was similar to the Ryder White campaign in the original Dead Island. I made suggestions about making it about Jade, Brecken, Rais, or even Troy. A more active member of the community sided with my idea, but told me that these characters would be pointless since the game tells about their past, so they wouldn't be fun to experience. This poster actually suggested making a DLC starring Amir and showing his contributions to the Tower before he saves Cranes life at the cost of his. We never get to know a lot about this character other than that he was a former GRE operative who seemed to have a huge role amongst the Tower residents. That thread really got into the idea about playing as Amir and experiencing his backstory instead of just hearing about it. So, i guess with that being said, please don't leave us with the following and bug fixes. Please make at least one more DLC for the fans who care about the story more than the zombie killing. It can be short and linear for all I care (just like Ryder White. As fan of this game from so long ago, I feel this is the one DLC that would mean a lot to the community as well can be labeled "we listened and we gave our fans what they asked for".
  5. thebobman

    Help Us Improve Parkour Experience!

    Main things I would like to see added into the parkour of DL Flips (roll in midair essentially). Better climb down options. It is possible, but it is annoying the way it works right now Hang off ledges with one hand. Making other hand available for pistols or throwing weapons. Tic Tac from wall to wall if two walls are close enough. Wall running (I don't want to use the mod)
  6. thebobman

    Thank You Techland

    thats what they are claiming. Hope they come through. Also, ti'd be awesome to have 3rd person view added in when this update comes out. I wanna runaround and see my skele costume.
  7. thebobman

    Am I Tripping?

    OK guys, is it me or has this already been pointed out before. I just got back into the game after not playing for a while. I started on the second floor of the tower and noticed something shining in cranes room when I went in to put on my hard earned mr skeltl costume. After a closer examination, I noticed that I had snagged a piece of the meteorite that I went looking for earlier when I did the quest for the one guy that gave me that useless gadoid gun. With that in mind, I explored the room and discovered that many significant quest items and other items have appeared in my room that I have never noticed before. Even got the Ray McCall action figure working and the master sword on display right above. I don't know if this has been noticed before or not, but I just realized it. Thought I should share whether it's news or not.
  8. Azru007, if we were to play as anyone in this game as a new DLC story, it would probably be Amir (the guy who dies in the beginning of the game). By playing the game, you learn everything that you could possibly need to know about her. Same goes about Rais and Brecken. Troy contributes little to the game story to need a playable DLC. Amir was the only character who had such an impact on the story even though you only see him once before you even begin to play the game.
  9. Good idea for sure. Would love to see Crane slip from a ledge because it was too wet. Or maybe even get blown off of something because of a strong gust of wind. Chances are we won't see this because the game was turned into a joke since it would be "too hard" for casual players. Remember what we were promised prior to release and then the amount of nerfing that went on once we got the game. I bet that this was probably something they put in the game like wall running, but was taken out to make this game playable for everyone.
  10. thebobman

    Ryder White Throwback

    You kill Bozak once you do the nine poster challenges. He won't be part of the Horde because you kill him during the sidequests. He may have something to do with the stadium, but there is no way he will be a part of it since he is dead, that is unless they do that Dawud like easter egg where doing the quests before going there effects if you see him there or not. For the most part, I don't think you get to see him other than the one time he congratulates you for finishing the challenges and then trying to kill you.
  11. thebobman

    Ryder White Throwback

    If I am not mistaken, You meet and kill a guy named Bozak once you have completed the poster challenges in Old Town. As for the DLC on May 1st, certain sources have said that the Stadium will become available to us as another one of those typical, wave by wave arenas. Nothing that really interests me since it is the same thing that every zombie game has to incorporate eventually. Seems to me techland prefers to wait and make you pay for it instead of releasing from the start and having at least one unique mode available (not Be the zombie, that's it's own thing) to the general population (like in Dead Island with the four battle areas. Been nice if at least one was free to play). Also, supposed to be one new area, which I have no idea how that would be incorporated into the game since we would have no reason to go there because it wouldn't ever be part of the story now. It might be post-story if they decide to make it work that way, but other than that I'm not sure. I think vehicles will be introduced, bow/arrows, and some other new weapons we saw in that Dev Message when 1.5 got released. Also, I think 2 more quarantine zones. I don't mind paying for new content that was never intended to be part of the game, but I really hope something that should be given to us is the arena. If they make only one map for it, that's pointless. If it has multiple ones and we get like one or two free, that's better than having to pay to unlock that altogether and I would gladly pay extra for more. Same goes for the new possible area(s). That should be given rather than bought since the replayability factor is barely here after a long while and if they want people to get back and buy some sort of DLC, something has to be given to get the players back for them to be interested enough to buy the rest. Just my opinion, so don't criticize if you don't agree.
  12. thebobman

    Ryder White Throwback

    Ha damn, I guess I need to pay more attention to the story. I didn't think that through as much as that. The only reason I though of playing as Brecken was because of the games first trailer starred him rather than Kyle. But with what you talk about Amir, that would just make more sense to do if they end up doing something like this in the near future. And if they do end up doing it, the only thing I hope is that the new story would stay open world instead of being linear like the Ryder White campaign was.
  13. thebobman

    Ryder White Throwback

    Totally forgot about Amir, that would be great too. As for the other characters, we have are told things about the characters history that we don't get to see like Brecken being in a relationship with Lina (or whatever her name was). As for Troy, we never really know anything about her past. Jade got called the Scorpian for a reason. Experiencing her earning that title is one thing and then playing the game from what she was doing during Cranes visit would be fun. Brecken coming to Harran and forming the tower during the Outbreak. And for Rais, it could be when his brother was still alive and he was killed so we can avenge his death by taking over Harran. Creating a story to those points in the game would be very fun and new in comparison to just new areas. I think Troy could use have a story too, but I wouldn't know what would be incorporated into telling her story. But Amir is definitely something that slipped my mind. Totally forgot he was GRE operative before Crane showed up.
  14. thebobman

    Ryder White Throwback

    Hey guys, so I was thinking not too long ago about how back in Dead Island you guys made a DLC where you would play as Ryder White in order to see more of the other side of the story. Although it was very linear, it was also very cool. What I am aiming for in saying is that making an update letting you play the lives of the other characters would be really cool. For starters, I would love to play as Brecken since the original game trailer showed him traversing Harran instead of Crane. Creating a story as to how The Tower was created and what Brecken went through would be just awesome especially if it would include everything from the original trailer. Also the whole thing with the Brecken and the doctor's off screen relationship could be implemented as well ;p Jades story would also be critical in developing the story of the game too. Since we don't really work with her in game, it would be great to see what she was upto before Crane showed up and what she was doing while Crane was doing his work and then while she was hiding from him in Old Town. Rias story would be interesting to see. Obviously it would have to take place before the main campaign. It would be similar to Brecken's story of how things came to be. The last story I could think of that could be added would be something about Troy, but she does't have any major holes in the original story that Brecken, Jade, and Rais have. These could be added as a mix of free and paid DLC's and something I feel like a lot of active players would love to see and players who have just quit playing due to being over-repatative would return for an all new experience. This thread is open to suggestions on what others would like to see new in-game as well as for devs to say what they think of doing a throwback to this kind of expansion like we had in Dead Island.
  15. thebobman

    I Am Legion

    This is probably the best mod I've seen yet. There are just two things I don't like about it. The main one is that although the new intense zombies are present, I think it may be a little too intense because now they go against the original point of the daytime. The game was created where day time was not meant to be safe, only safer than night. But now it seems to be exactly the same but between the two but harder than the original. I think dumbing down the daytime difficulty would be beneficial in keeping the original purpose of daytime gameplay. Have them be less aware during daytime and a little bit slower and all. They can still have the group think and ability to chase and climb, just not to the point where it feels like I'm just playing nonstop extreme nightmode in the day. The other thing is the legitimate 24 hour time setting. The idea of extending the game play to match real time movement sounds like a good idea, I think that making it equivalent is too much. I think that double or triple the original time seems like a limit. Even though we can sleep to skip between the times, I think that having having the day last from 6am to 10pm in realtime would be too long and people would be just doing everything during daytime without even caring about playing night anymore. Just my thoughts on this awesome mod.