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  1. TrEVo

    Developer Feedback

    little advices: - more damage to the melee attacks of the zombie, - a lot of more life for the zombie, he's a big monster and he has to be overpowered! - FALL DAMAGE! - more nests (now we have 5 nests against 10 human sense) at least 10 with a LOT OF HEALT! - scale weapon damage... - no radar for survivors. - campers istant die with -100000 points - less energy drained from UV, more recharge time for UV. - istant spit blow. - Zombie can kill survivor not only when energy is full, 80% is better. I tried a lot of game and now, i win only 1vs1 using ONLY ground pound... You have to really fix a lot of things. (little more advice, play evolve and take a look how they balanced the game, monster is really hard to kill, not impossible but HARD. In your mode the zombie SUX...)
  2. TrEVo

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Any official news? This mode isn't unplayable now. Too many high level survivors. They HUNT sense! I'm the HUNTER! If techalnd doens't fix some big problems of the NH probably "Be The Zombie Mode" will be a big FAIL! I'll never play again until a patch and I'm sure that a lot of other players will forget this mode.
  3. TrEVo

    Be The Zombie! - Unbalanced

    Any official news? I tried few more games and now with leveled survivors it's impossibile to win. Survivors HUNT ME! I can only run away for all the duration of the game. not funny at all!
  4. Hello, I'm a PS4 player. I tried a lot of games like a zombie, and I can only win 1vs1 matches against low level guys. UV is too strong & Nests are too weak (few hits to destroy!). Yeah I can jump around like spiderman but a survivor can see me every time. NO SENSE! I tried a lot of strategies but , I repeat, UV is too strong and if a human knows how to do he's immortal and can destroy all my nests in few minutes. Please do something to balance the pvp game. Thanks M.T