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  1. TZGamer

    Trophies Still Aren't Fixed?!

    Finally I got a group again to unlock Polyarmory. And it worked this time with the new save. So, if you still have Problems with Trophies: 1. Backup your Gamedata. 2. Delete your Gamedata ingame (Play Campaign, then press advance and delete the saves) 3. Go to Play Campaign, then press advance. Go to Bew Campaign from Quest "...". 4. Then do a Side Quest. Pick up the note. And find other guys to help you to get Polyarmory. And you are done.
  2. TZGamer

    Polyamory (Ps4)

    €: We got it!
  3. TZGamer

    The Bozak Horde Dlc \ Germany

    Dying Light will not get an official Release in Germany in the next years. Maybe dhe BPjM will remove the game in 10 or 20 years from the index. If you have retail-version just create an AT-Account. Buy a AT-Prepaidcard at Activate the Prepaid-Card in your AT-Account and buy the DLC. The log in your AT Account into your PS4. Download the DLC. The change back to your normal account and be happy.
  4. TZGamer

    Polyamory (Ps4)

    Sent you a PN + Friendrequest a few minutes ago. I go a friend who also has Dying Light. He can maybe help us.
  5. TZGamer

    Trophies Still Aren't Fixed?!

    Small update: The whole Story and Its all in the writing finally popped up for me! Thanks to the support at this point. Here how it worked: After The whole story popped up I ran straight to one of the nearest notes and picked it up. And bam. Next trophy popped up. Now I only need to unlock Polyarmory...
  6. TZGamer

    Trophies Still Aren't Fixed?!

    I can't even find the Bozak-DLC in the AT-Store at the moment. BTW: The support answered me a few minutes ago: It looks like that this really is the problem. Hope they will roll out the fix during the next day. Don't want to wait another month for my Trophies
  7. TZGamer

    Trophies Still Aren't Fixed?!

    I just want to post a little update: The workaround does not work for me. I also tried it with the patched version again, after the unpatched didn't work. Let's see if the support has an other idea.
  8. TZGamer

    Trophies Still Aren't Fixed?!

    I opned a ticket about that. A few minutes later I got an answer (great support!) with some things a can try. Most things I already did. But I try to download the game again. With no patch and and new game profile. Lets see if that will fix it. I will update the post if I finished the Download
  9. TZGamer

    Trophies Still Aren't Fixed?!

    They posted following statement @facebook during the last hours: I hope, that this is the reason why the trophies are still not showing up. But that also means (as far as I understand) that the progess is gone now and we have to play the whole campaign again to get the last trophies.
  10. Hi, I downloaded the patch today. And the release notes say (again) that the problems with trophies are fixed. So I started the game. Played a few minutes. But nothing popped up. Anyone else still have Problems? Its really annoying, since I got everything done. Bugged trophies for me are: - The whole story - It's all in the writing - Polyarmory (I know that, because my friend got it while we were in the same group)
  11. TZGamer

    Question From The Devs

    I did not stop playing. But I am not so active anymore. One of the reasons for me is, that its still frustrating, that the trophies on the PS4 are bugged. Also the hard mode is as hard as I hoped (Looking forward for new content in the hard mode ). But the main reason is the Co-Op. Not because the co-op is a bad idea. But in 9/10 Co-Op-Games I joined, the leader was camping in a safe zone for hours. So the other players weren't able to do anything, since he was afk. And that sucks so much. I don't know why they do that. I wanted to figure that out. So I waited around 3 hours but the leader didn't move. So he wasn't just afk for eating or something like that. And that is so boring. Everyone wants to do quests. But one person doesn't do anything. And of course there are some people who are throwing grenades on other teammates. I think I do not need to explain why that sucks.
  12. TZGamer

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    For me also Polyarmory isn't working. Also after the new patch. I tried to get that trophy for 5 or 6 times. Everytime I played 5 quests with the same "crew". But nothing helps. Some of the other guys got the trophy. Some others not. I play on PS4 with the digital AT-Version.
  13. Got the same "problem" too. I think we have to wait until wednesday when they do the Playstation Store Update at EU-regions. P.S. I use the AT-Store. €: I found the Dying Light DLC. I went under DLC and then I found the DLC. Maybe Sony fcked up with tagging that product. That would explain why we do not find the DLC over the search function and on the product page of Dying Light.
  14. TZGamer

    Technland Own Up To The Trophy Issue

    They have different game versions because the US got more small patches last month. And the EU got one patch with all "small" patches. But the EU version got the patch with a delay of a few weeks.
  15. TZGamer

    Thank You Techland!

    Its undeniably that Dying Light is a really good game. But its a shame that Techland is not able to fix the bugged trophies. Also if that is pretty small feature it is really important for many players.