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  1. peaku

    Indestructible Weapons

    Hello sir,i think you should try my link again it is working now!!! wait,i'm editing my mod currently........give me 30 min okay now my link will work!!
  2. peaku

    Indestructible Weapons

    Okay mod updated, more durable weapons(but not indestructible) please go to the same link
  3. peaku

    Indestructible Weapons

    okay i'll make it for you
  4. peaku

    Indestructible Weapons

    I made this mod,i think you will like it here
  5. This is an awesome mod made by me,actually i have completed the game third time and got bored by it so i was thinking for some awesome fun so i made this mod!! (LIKE KILLING ZOMBIES,FACING NIGHT TIME..ETC) Here is the link
  6. peaku

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    If you are making modding tools,then you should make a complete awesome tool that can be used for any type of players like.................. for players who want to make game more challenging or who want to play game for only fun! then you should add option for editing weapon characterstics(such as editing its damage durability etc),player characterstics(such as editing player's health,stamina etc),number of zombies,attack power of zombie and even zombie's characterstics!! because this would make many gamers satisfy thier style in their own way.......don't ya think Also texture editing of some zombies can make your modding tool really awesome!!