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  1. Michał Rainert

    Ursus i inne polskie firmy.

    Oczywiście planujemy ciągły rozwój Pure Farminga - nie spoczywamy na laurach! Polecam śledzić oficjalne zapowiedzi. :-)
  2. Michał Rainert

    Problem!kupno sprzętu

    Witam, Na jakiej platformie grasz? PS4?
  3. Michał Rainert

    PS4 player

    I would love to give you more details regarding new content, but unfortunately the only thing I can do is to ask you for some more patience.
  4. Michał Rainert

    PS4 player

    Hi, Thank you for kind words. I can assure you we are working hard on fixing the issues, also a new content is going to be released soon. So - please stay tuned for more details :-)
  5. Michał Rainert

    Bunch of amateurs

    Hi, I can assure you that we have big plans for the title - so you can definitely expect new content soon. Please follow the official announcements and thank you for your patience!
  6. Michał Rainert

    ALERT! Still crashing, equipment spawning out of bounds

    Hi cd_BE, We have some reports that the patch actually works. Just to be sure - you updated the PS4 version with 1.03 patch and loaded the game, correct? Would you be able to send a current savegame to support@iceflames.com ?
  7. Michał Rainert

    ALERT! Still crashing, equipment spawning out of bounds

    Hi, Luckily it took us only a night - but it was a really looong night. Please update your game - most of the issues should be fixed now.
  8. Michał Rainert

    Bunch of amateurs

    Please try updating your game now - a hot fix has been released and it should address most of the issues.
  9. Michał Rainert

    Alert! Game will crash after the patch...Loss of equipment

    Hello, We've published a hotfix already - please update your game. More info to come.
  10. Michał Rainert

    Goodby Techland and thanks for nothing

    Hello, We are aware of the issue and we've been working hard to get it fixed immediately. We've already managed to publish a hot-fix which should address most of the problems you mentioned. Please update your game!