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    Early Access

    Do we have a confirmed date yet for the Early Access? I know on the FAQ it says Fall (Autumn for us Brits), but it's October and no mention of a release yet. Can anyone give us a rough idea?
  2. HellRyder

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    How is loot/xp going to work in story co-op? Just been rewatching the prologue mission and it showed xp being gained for each kill. Won't this mean that players who complete the story alone will be roughly twice the level of those who complete it together? Or does co-op affect xp drops too? Similarly, will the loot have to be shared, or will it be possible for both players to pick up the same "Merciless Skull Crusher" for example? And @LORD-TYRANT you suggested Arena and Mission mode to not be gender/race locked. How would you suggest the devs implement this? Since they've already said they won't be including custom characters, would you just want some presets?
  3. HellRyder

    Missed Live Stream-Archived?

    Hell_and_Dungeon_1994 you are my hero. Only found out about the stream today, kicking myself I missed it. Thank you so much!!!
  4. HellRyder

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    If there are bows I'm definitely going for a Spellbow playstyle. Bow at long range, spells for mid-short range, sounds perfect. A friend of mine is going for a full on Warrior, so I reckon our play styles will fit together very well.
  5. HellRyder

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    @Paweł Modliński So Agility is for characters who would rather be faster and more precise with their attacks than powerful and "brutish" for want of a better word (which is what I'd imagine Strength to be like). What will magic encompass? Will it increase the power of your spells, give you access to better spells, a bit of both, or something else? Also, sorry to be a pain, but there is archery, right? It's just I've been giving my demon hunter a bit of thought, and was wanting to either go for a magic/agility combo, hopefully using bows or daggers for range and speed.
  6. HellRyder

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Really cool looking game guys! Has to be a dream come true for me, everything I want in a game: great combat, setting, customization, rpg elements, perks, variety of weapon styles, etc. I've just joined the forum, wanted to share some thoughts and generally have chats about Hellraid! Just thought I'd check, what exactly does the Agility tree encompass? Will it be alike to Skyrim's stealth tree, focus on subterfuge and sneaking, or more on speed and movement, like the name suggests? And speaking of stealth, will that be in the game, or is it strictly combat based? So far I'm loving the magic and spells, and the combat is to die for, so I thought I'd clarify on the stealth because if so I'd love to go that route. Also, will there be any archery gameplay released? As far as I know there is archery in the game, at least from what I've read in previous pages.