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  1. bsnooch

    [Mod] Pumpgun Mod 0.01

    theres also a wn_shotgun_b.msh with wood furniture
  2. I run it on a GTS450 on high at 30fps so you should def be ok
  3. bsnooch

    [Mod] Pumpgun Mod 0.01

    the custom item crashing is annoying. I have the same problem with created items. Really makes them unusable at this stage in the game.
  4. bsnooch

    Custom Items

    Nvm I fixed it
  5. bsnooch

    Custom Items

    Well I got custom weapons working last night finally. I boot it up today to test and they are no longer working Anybody having any similar issues?
  6. bsnooch

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    1. Scripting language/editor (quests, events, characters, ai, items, tables, etc.) 2. Map editor 3. Model import export tools 4. Access to all the stuff we can't get to right now. 5. Some sample biped models 6. Unrestricted dev console Thanks for taking a look. Make it good and we will support you.