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  1. Underneath my personal statistics it says i've saved 18 survivor's from Rais' men. But, the requirement for fhe trophy says i need to save 15 survivor's. Please look into this bug and path this. As it precents me from getting every trophy in the game i am on PS4 my psn id is pr0j3ctw1ll
  2. _obey_will

    The Whole Story Trophy

    I just researced the 1.04 update for PS4. And within the list of things that are patched one of them mentioned the whole story trophy is fixed and obtainable. I remember seeing that there are 51 side quests in total. My question is, if i have all 51 side quests and i didnt recieve the whole story trophy before the patch was released will i still get it when i log onto my dying light profile or will i have to create a new game and complete every side quest again in order to obtain the trophy?
  3. I started a list from the first challenge ive done to my 15th. (I never did 15 agility challenges in a row or chose to do 15 power challenges.) It was a mix of both. After I was unable to unlock the trophy I continued to play challenges and still havent unlocked it. My psn id is pr0j3ctw1ll. Please patch this
  4. The quest Incense Herbs is bugged on my PS4. I collected all 12 lavender herbs and went to turn them in. But, it wont allow me to press square and turn them in to complete the quest. Please look into this and patch it. It prevents me from progressing and getting the "The Whole Story" trophy. I was able to do the bandages and syringes auest and turn them in to the same guy with no problem but i cant turn in my lavender herbs.