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  1. ZombieFreak2

    Game Delay?

    Is it being delayed in South Africa.
  2. ZombieFreak2

    Dying Light Delayed In Australia Or Banned?

    Thats what he said. It is delayed in france only.
  3. I just played the video and in it the character sneaks up behind a human enemy and does a neck snap takedown so there may be other takedowns, which is what a lot of people asked for, so cool. Its annoying how gamestop has so many preorder weapons. Gamestop isn't in South Africa. Just confirmed it. In the one part you get the choice to do a silent kill on a zombie and its the head snap takedown. There may not be multiple takedowns but the inclusion of stealth and stealth kills is music to my ears.
  4. ZombieFreak2

    Dying Light Delay Rumor

    I can't find any information on this. But someone else raised it and one of the officials said that it is definitely not getting delayed again.
  5. ZombieFreak2

    Point Of Non Return

    I don't know but once you've finished the campaign you can go back and explore. So probably not.
  6. 1. I would guess the number of zombies will increase as well as the strength of the zombies. 2. I'm sure I remember them saying there will be a trading menu but I'm not too sure. 3. Whoever is the host of a co-op game will probably control the choice to be invaded. 4.Experience is shared. I don't know about weapons being shared. 5. Don't know. 6. You can join anyone at anytime as long as there is space. 7. There will probably be a required level for more powerful weapons so the lower level player won't be able to use it anyway.
  7. ZombieFreak2

    Dying Light Cheat Codes

    And that is why i get games like dishonored. Where the season pass adds so much extra content or at least to me it seemed like a lot and it wasnt boring content.
  8. ZombieFreak2

    How Exactly Works The Day/night Cycle

    I heard that its 1/3 night and 2/3 day so if night is 7 minutes then day is about 14.
  9. ZombieFreak2

    Dying Light Cheat Codes

    I don't mind cheat codes if they are only available after beating the game. Such as in wolfenstein, where when you finish it you can replay the game with unlimited ammo and such. The cheat codes should be a reward for completing a difficult challenge or for beating the game.
  10. ZombieFreak2

    How Exactly Works The Day/night Cycle

    The day night cycle is completely dynamic. It will constantly be changing like real life but certain missions will need it to be day or night based on the mission. But otherwise it just constantly cycles.
  11. ZombieFreak2

    Possible Easter Egg

    The rain means electric weapons are more conductive is a really cool addition.
  12. ZombieFreak2

    Animation And Contrast Changes?

    I don't see why it matters so much. Games are meant to be fun because of the gameplay, not the graphics. I know a lot of games with average graphics that are amazing anyway. Take dishonored for instance.
  13. ZombieFreak2

    About The Parkour

    In real life that isn't the easiest thing to do and they have added objects that break your fall such as bags, car roofs and you can also unlock the ability to roll.
  14. ZombieFreak2

    Blunt Or Bladed

    I prefer bladed. But that being said the whole x-ray when breaking bones is really satisfying and i may just get into blunt for this game.