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  1. MrLBXv2

    Jet Pack

    A jet pack would be awesome to quickly get around the map. Could be powered by alcohol or chemicals.
  2. MrLBXv2

    Takeshi's Castle Mod

    Something that allows players to race through assault courses in multiplayer. Rope swings, vault platforms etc. Also a level editor
  3. MrLBXv2

    Mod Ideas

    Definately need a light saber And wall run moves
  4. MrLBXv2

    Mod Ideas

    Could use a zombie like a battering ram as well. To sprint through large crowds
  5. MrLBXv2

    Mod Ideas

    Ooh and i would like a sling shot
  6. MrLBXv2

    Mod Ideas

    Just a few ideas off the top of my head that would be awesome 1. Parachute mod for high jumps or 2. Hang-glider 3.rage mod for destructive fist melee(maybe a short term effect via chemicals/plants etc 4. Plant explosive on zombie mod( to take out large groups) 5. Human shield mod 6. Motorcycle or quad bike (small vehicle mod) 7. Grapple mod to pull enemies toward you 8.zombie outfit (permanent non zombie detection) only standard zombies 9. Knuckle duster mod 10. Non destructive weapons 11. Super powers mod( super speed, strength , flight, super jump etc) These are just a few off the top of my head. ðŸ‘😬