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  1. You guys and gals did well on Dying Light. Just wanted to say keep making games like this and I'll keep buying them as long as they are long, adventurous, coop, melee, and stealth based. Next zombie game you guys make I'm hoping for it to be on a massive map and see people doing things in safe zones instead of sitting around to make the world seem a little more lively such as Skyrim. Thanks again, and remember to put more blunt weapons in the game, I've been bumming bats off of random people in order to feel powerless after reaching level 25 in survival.
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    Hey there Techland, I have beaten the game and leveled up to the max and I must say it was a solid in my book. Although I have noticed that all the weapons that I get now are swords. I indeed love swords although I do miss feeling powerless. If you guys could at least give the traders more items to buy such as all sorts of blunt weapons, hatchets, especially bats because I see NPCs holding them and in the background of trader stores but I cant get them ): I would be so grateful and love the game even more if you guys and gals added that into an update of some sort. Me and the guys in NC just wanted to let you know its getting boring being able to kill everything in one swing. But thanks for a working, bloody, zombie game.