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  1. Hey Techland! So, I have really enjoyed "Be the Zombie" mode in Dying Light. I was wondering, what new events will be taking us to "The Following" DLC? Mainly, my question is, will people be able to play as the Night Hunter in the Countryside? I know this is a pretty vast map, not with a whole lot of buildings and trees to use the tentacle locomotion, but maybe their could be some "tweaking" involved, to improve the night hunter's skills. Since in the trailer, where the volatileshave mutated... why not the night hunter? Instead, give him a different origin perhaps? Any feedback on this topic will be most appreciated!
  2. RunnerSeth

    Outfits / Weapons / Vehicle / Other

    Perhaps a Mercenary outfit with a gas mask? Special weapons to follow this costume would be... let's say a flame thrower possibly?!?! It's always a good sign when the zombies are ROASTING! Perhaps a new weapon; a bolt caster or a grenade launcher? Maybe a new type of blade! Perhaps new TAKEDOWNS? How about some new EQUIPMENT! Extra Idea: How about they add Human pvp??? Where their no longer needs to be a night hunter for PVP action! Leave your thoughts down below on this idea. We'll see where it takes all of us runners out there, whether you setup your safe house in Old Town or the Slums... New bombs and traps would be devastating. Do you guys agree? Night is coming guys, so for now I have to head to my safe house! I'll post soon as possible! Stay safe out there! GOODNIGHT GOODLUCK
  3. RunnerSeth

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    Dying Light needs more quests, sort of like ENDLESS quests. Just to keep the gamers interested. Sorry to hear if you dont have a great pc to run the game, thats your problem. On console, either XBONE or PS4 it runs fine. I haven't noticed any bugs in the dlc, including the bozak horde. Im telling you, developers of Techland, you guys need to add an infection meter and antizin so players have a bit more survival experience!
  4. Hey guys, I'm back with the topic "adding antizin" in airdrops or dying light in general. I have posted a topic like this in the past, but I am going to keep pushing for it. I would think it would be a cool addition to the game if we had an infection meter and had to get antizin in airdrops or laying around in very hard locked chests we have to go through. Now, I'm thinking is when you get bit by a zombie, literally get bit, you can have a certain number of antizin vials you can go through at a time and each vial lasts up to 4-5 days (IN-GAME). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------- Feedback would be most appreciated! ----------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well guys, you get the idea by now, get to the nearest safe house, stay safe and see you again tomorrow! GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK
  5. Hey guys, Seth here and I was wondering/brainstorming about a new idea that I and many others would like to see in Dying Light. Now, this topic is basically voting, and I would like to see FULL PARTICIPATION, but if you don't want to, that's ok too. PLEASE ANSWER WITH DETAIL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adding Antizin to Airdrops: Q: Would you want Antizin to be added to airdrops as well as an infection meter? WHY? Q: What are your thoughts of Antizin being a good thing to add? Q: Do you think Antizin would make the game more realistic? Explain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please feel free to leave any comments/complaints below as well in your reply if need be!
  6. So, me and my friend, Golden x Gearzz, we played Slenderman: The Arrival just a minute ago and we thought of this crazy idea that Techland can include during Halloween!!! Ok, here it is, what we were thinking was that "why be a night hunter, when you can be a SLENDER!" Become the slender man in an all new game mode where you are alone, and no one can hear you scream. Survival at its fittest! You can run and hide, it will not matter; HE will find you! GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK
  7. RunnerSeth

    Slenderman Skin For Bethezombie?

    Its understandable
  8. Since the last update, many of my friends and followers on Twitter were wondering when the update for the Bozak Horde will be coming out. If someone can give a good estimate of the date, I would be most appreciated. Hope to see you fellow members in Harran, and like always, GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK
  9. RunnerSeth

    Date On The Bozak Horde Update?

    Absolutely, challenging games are always fun in my perspective.
  10. RunnerSeth

    Date On The Bozak Horde Update?

    Your fine man, but I also agree, making another difficulty mode would be outstanding considering it could be called nightmare mode or something like that. I hope they add some sort of "Head Stomper" to the Bozak Horde DLC! It will make it challenging but only a good most impossible challenge for new players. "The Hunt begins..."
  11. RunnerSeth

    Date On The Bozak Horde Update?

    Amazing to hear, man and thank you! This gives me an idea of what to expect. I hope Techland adds a "Defend" type to it as well as an escort. I feel that it will give the "game changer" or DLC an adrenaline-kick!
  12. RunnerSeth

    Slenderman Skin For Bethezombie?

    DL will still be the best Zombie-Survival game out their, unless someone makes it way better.
  13. Love the idea, I will make sure to push this to the point of where the "devs" consider this to be added. I also agree that it will give it some "flavor" to the game and also give players the need to kill more zombies rather than to run through the campaign! This is Ayo, time to lay low people, get your chupacabra to the nearest safe house and wait until dawn. GOOD NIGHT and GOOD LUCK
  14. Hey Guys, Seth speaking and I am here to ask you a very serious question. . . . Q: If you compete in community challenges, then what do you think would be the "next-best" challenge??? Share your thoughts on the challenge of your choice and give your most honest opinion on why you think it should be the next challenge! Remember, I will be currently updating all social media on recent Dying Light updates as well as new Ideas So, like always, Good Night & Good Luck
  15. Also, go view my NEW Night Hunter gameplay for the HuntByNight Community Challenge. Click the link above!!!! I hope you enjoy, so like always, GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK
  16. That's a good question, I guess that Techland thought of it being as a "player-controlled" zombie ONLY. Since if the A.I took over the character, it might have been too Over Powered (OP). But in the next update, I hope they had another "relative" to the volatile!!! I will keep you updated also on the HuntByNight community challenge on this topic. I will post the results when they are available. Well guys, you know the drill, get to the nearest safe house and wait until dawn! Stay safe and see you again tomorrow.
  17. Go follow me on Twitter @SethOfWisdom Here is the new link:
  18. Anyone can help me, please tell me and describe how I can post my video clips to Twitter. I am confused on my Xbox One and I am unsure on how to do this. Can someone help, I appreciate it and thank you. GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK
  19. Absolutely, this will be a great feature on the flashlight! Make it use the batteries we find and update it to where we can upgrade our flashlight to where it can be lit longer.
  20. Demolishers do drop rare weapons.... I have picked up 3 rare sledgehammers on one demolisher. Just like Maxor replied, that they often drop a mod or weapon. I believe that the demolishers/goons should have more abilities (around 2 more). You do get more loot on hard mode; so if you think you have what it takes, brace for carnage Lamoi, its about to get real!!!!!
  21. RunnerSeth

    Dying Light Hard Mode Opinions

    Absolutely, I agree with you all the way, man! Their are many strategies in which you can use a medkit useful. You must ADAPT to the environment. Next time, use the med kit before you escape, that way when your evading the infected, you will be getting healed simultaneously. I like a challenge, but only when it's impossible, am I satisfied. Alright guys, im going on a run, be back online shortly. You all know the drill, get to the nearest safe house and wait until dawn. GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK
  22. PLAYER OVERVIEW: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic Attributes to Golden x Gearzz: Savage Hunter - [Hunts his prey with pickaxes] Medic - [Makes Medkits for the Team] Scavenger - [Uses most of his time to Scavenge for supplies] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to have a brief little shout out for my friend. His gamertag is Golden x Gearzz, but on this website, his username is Runner RanRan, go friend him! Well guys, it is getting late, make sure you get to a safe house and wait until dawn. GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK
  23. Absolutely love the new update to Dying Light! I can't wait til the next one about the Bozak Horde comes out with the new map!!! I just want to thank the staff of Techland for a JOB WELL DONE! Here is the video if you are new to Dying Light or you just want to watch it again and want a brief overview on what the New Update consists of. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also a special thanks to the Community Managers of this site!!! Again, Job Well Done, so give them a hand and thank them on this topic page!!! @Michal Napora @Pawel Modlinski Hope to see you guys in Harran and all you XboxOne gamer's out there!!! GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK
  24. RunnerSeth

    Release Date On Season Pass Content?

    Thank you for all the support. I really appreciate it!!!! Hope to see you guys in Harran sometime! Add me on XBL: XGN Gearzz We must be patient, yet i see where you getting at, but I can wait for DLC even though im overly-excited about it.