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  1. So, I bought the season pass, and I am really excited on all the new content including the new maps and player outfits. Now, is their any information on the release date of the content??? I would like to get everyone's, or most everyone's facts from when the season pass content will be released.
  2. RunnerSeth

    Btz Community(Xbox One)

    Yo, yo yo, add me: XGN Gearzz Hope to see you in Harran this weekend bro! GOOD NIGHT GOOD LUCK
  3. Hey guys, just got an Xbox One yesterday plus Dying Light! If anyone is up for some co-op anytime, just fire me an invite! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My gamertag is: XGN Gearzz NOTE: (I am no longer in XGN)
  4. So according to you scouts out their, what map do you enjoy the most??? Slums or Old Town??? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If its not a problem, please include why the map suits your style.
  5. RunnerSeth

    What Is Your Nemesis?

    What is your nemesis? (Bandits, Biters, Volatiles, Demolishers, etc.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name your biggest threat in Dying Light
  6. RunnerSeth

    (Spoilers) Regarding Jade

    I like that Idea man, maybe have the story mission divert and Jade takes another path than Kyle Crane; but.... if Kyle did have that extra vile of antizin, maybe their could be interaction where he saves himself and Jade.
  7. RunnerSeth

    (Spoilers) Regarding Jade

    Dude, it broke my heart when I saw that you had to break her neck because she turned.... I hate it when main characters like this just fall. I wish Techland would have gave you a choice whether to inject yourself with it or inject it into Jade. I think it would spice things up a bit.
  8. What do you prefer? Are you a RUNNER, or are you a FIGHTER? Once in a tight situation, you must choose, and choose wisely! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, was the law; and this mandate, down out of the depths of Time, he obeyed." -Jack London
  9. Understood, I will try my best to get an XboxOne then, I might have to sell my 360.
  10. Since I have an Xbox360, I was thinking about getting DyingLight on PC, but, my IntelCore is an i3....I have seen that you must need an i5 for MINIMUM quality. So what are all of your thoughts, should I buy the game on PC right now, or, should I either buy an XboxOne/PS4 or a new PC then get DyingLight??? Your suggestions are appreciated, and Thank You!