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  1. mjrou812

    Dying Light 2??

    You want a hint....ok techland is making dying light 2 for a while now, they are also working on a second AAA game, may see something at e3 in june? That's all I no? Hope this answers your question?
  2. I no there isn't much activity here at this forum but I am experiencing frame rate drops every ounce in a while, happens in certain areas, i no it probably wont see a ps4 pro patch but it sucks when it happens? Techland is probably to busy making there other 2 games...namely dying light 2.
  3. mjrou812

    Dying Light 2?

    Techland is making 2 AAA games right now, and Dying Light 2 is one of them...so great news for zombie fans!
  4. mjrou812

    Ps4 Latest Patch Came With A Downgrade (?)

    Wow! Its amazing how one patch can break so much....way to go Techland...can I have patch 1.09 BACK!
  5. mjrou812

    Ps4 Latest Patch Came With A Downgrade (?)

    The thing I noticed is the massive poppins I see in the world and in the game menu...total b.s!
  6. mjrou812

    The Latest Patch Issues

    Im on ps4 please fix the poppins they are terrible, it happens within the world and items in the game menu...please fix this! Don't no if its effecting the main game but its effecting the following?
  7. If they could work something out Techland would corner the market in the open world zombie game, would be a smart move if you think about it? Ps. Remember Techland left deep silver they were not fired?
  8. That would be cool if they helped finish the game, I mean it has great potential in being a good game, great setting in La?
  9. Hey techland since you have given up on this game...why don't you help deep silver with dead island 2 I herd they fired yager I guess yager was going in the wrong direction with development, and show them how to make a good zombie game? LOL!
  10. mjrou812


    Oh....ok now I get it thanks mire1....I guess that means theres a lot of cussing going on...LOL its all over this site. They need a new term I think its still lame?
  11. mjrou812


    Why in heck some people use the term chupacabra....very lame?
  12. mjrou812

    Deleting Game Question?

    Hey mire1 I was going to say something about what he was ranting about he also posted the same damn thing on another thread I posted.
  13. mjrou812

    Deleting Game Question?

    Thanks sora I did do this with diablo 3 and all my progress was saved. I hope techland continues to improve the game, its clearly the best zombie game to date.
  14. mjrou812

    Deleting Game Question?

    To those who have deleted game then reinstall then patch, question I have is if I just delete the game will I lose my character profile or progress or is my saved game stored elsewhere?ps. I would like to try it because I still run into bugs like zombies vanish into the street and a few other strange things I have encountered, im on the ps4.
  15. mjrou812

    To The Devs.

    How about higher clip capacity for all guns the amount given is not enough, bring the guns more into the frey.