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  1. Whenever I play Co-Op i can see people using their headsets but I never hear anything. I'm not sure if it's ever supposed to come through the TV, but either way can't hear it there or through my headset. Anyone else have this issue? I re-installed the game etc and nothing.
  2. HughTheHand88

    Can't Reach Survivor Level 25 - Bug?

    that's not really a good option. I did this in hopes that it would work, but the same thing happened.
  3. HughTheHand88

    Can't Reach Survivor Level 25 - Bug?

    Fix this chupacabra.....
  4. Game+ seemed like more virals etc.
  5. HughTheHand88

    Stuck At Survivor Level 24

    It's nothing to do with that. I played through one time and maxed out solo, level 25 survivor glitch. Played a second time through mostly multiplayer, same glitch.
  6. HughTheHand88

    Anyone Else.....

    If you want interesting stories the side quests are where it's at. Lots of them are really fun and have interesting stories and characters. I didn't dislike the story as much as the missions attached to it.
  7. HughTheHand88

    Gore Filter?

    lol this post is so stupid. The poster crying about other games like GTA sums it up perfectly. Make these design choices that are much harder to implement than my stupid ape brain thinks, so that this stupid easily avoidable thing doesn't happen. You are the same idiots who blame TV for the things your child sees...smh. Derrr I would totally subscribe to HBO for GoT but the damn nudity, nevermind that only exists because of the source material and HBO customer demand...lets worry what imaginary customers want instead of people who actually give us money. The best part of all this is you idiots think that removing gore changes what is happening on screen. It's not the act of violence that disturbs you apparently it's how bloody it is. And GoT is fine except for the nudity? Nevermind the beheadings and child murder? Our society is a joke and it's easily highlighted by what offends you people....bewbs!?! NOOOOO CHOP OFF HER HEAD! ahh now that's wholesome family television, there wasn't even a blood spray, how tasteful.
  8. HughTheHand88

    Diversity In Guns

    Sounds like all you want is a plausible excuse for certain types of weapons to be found. A mission could be added where you end up finding a stash house for a mercenary group that went to Harran shortly after the outbreak etc. Silencers may take fun out of the game for you, but make it more fun for other players, why should you dictate to someone else how to enjoy the game? Nobody would force you to use one. They should be really hard to find, or attached to a difficult quest. I had hoped that a reward from the Gunsmith quests would be gun mods, like a silencer etc. Anyone calling it "god mode" should prolly max out a character and see how easy it is to slaughter waves of zombies with 0 effort. Hell I'll do it at a low level with a few crackers and molotovs....the game can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it for yourself, adding more interesting ways to approach situations such as a silencer adds another dimension to the game.
  9. HughTheHand88

    Why Do Hunters Invade And Quit When Losing?

    They leave because playing as the hunter is currently a joke. 2 players can easily defeat a hunter, never mind 3 or 4. Flares/UV flashlight/dodge/survivor sense, all these things make the hunter easy prey. Most people will give it a try, and see how broken it is, keep trying, then get frustrated and leave, then prolly don't play the mode anymore. The content update in march needs a massive overhaul to the nighthunter encounter.
  10. HughTheHand88

    Xbox One Update

    It better be fixed next patch. They have wasted enough time fixing stupid stuff like weapon dupes etc and it seems like there are other ways to do it still as half the dying light articles i come across are about exploits. I don't care if people are wasting time doing exploits in what amounts to a single player game with some co-op mixed in. You make close to 500k by the time you max out your levels just playing normally and weapons take forever to break at that point etc, and having not much else to spend cash on it piles up, but I digress. Fix things that effect my game experience before worrying about things that don't.
  11. HughTheHand88

    Mod: Horizontal Wall Running Unlocker

    Every time I see the wall runner image in a loading screen its a kick in the balls. One of the gameplay promos even showed a wall running death from above....such a sad story........
  12. HughTheHand88

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    The night hunter is a joke, i essentially solo'd hunter at level 4, he wasn't terrible, had a few spits unlocked, knew to try to split us etc. And he managed to kill my teammate a few times, but i was able to bring him back every time. and I only died once. So needless to say, a level 4 survivor, carrying another survivor against a decent hunter is still an easy win with only 1-2 human deaths. Oh wow, he actually snuck up on me between survivor sense spams, eat UV light, slap slap dead. Dodging spits is very easy. The only way a hunter is at an advantage is if he is a much higher level than the survivors and that won't happen thanks to matchmaking, and even then with 3-4 it would still be GG for the hunter most of the time. Survivor Sense needs a big nerf or removal and UV needs a nerf as well. flares are a dime a dozen and too easy to spam, especially when the one counter is easily avoided.
  13. HughTheHand88

    Finished The Game

    You open up the second half of the city a little bit into the story. It's much more vertical, but each area has its charm.
  14. HughTheHand88


    Comments like this are just asinine and rather pathetic. Modding a forum isn't difficult at all, and checking them certainly is not. If this company had a clue what customer service meant they would have more people handling it. Your idiotic comments do nothing to help the situation. If you can't handle all this tough work, maybe they should find someone who can. Edit: I've seen more competence in player run forums for years, so this is inexcusable. As are your excuses.
  15. HughTheHand88

    Finished The Game

    If you mean to get back to the slums from old town, just go to the two towers main safe zone and next to your bed is a poster that will bring you back. I heard the gun does nothing, I think my inventory was full when I did the quest so i've never used it myself.