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    The Whole Story Trophy

    All I did was roam around and kill some zombies and it just popped randomly. Definitely fixed!
  2. zombi76

    Why Did That Happen To Jade? - Spoiler Alert

    FYI Spike is the quartermaster in old town and you can catch him in the tower as well.
  3. Yeah, I understand you logged in after the patch and then it happened, but how do you know the issue didn't happen the last time you logged out before the patch. Just saying..
  4. It has happened quite a bit, but out of 1.2 million people playing it, it's not even a major issue on a grand scale. Not quite sure how it is going to happen to everyone eventually if they patched the issue? Again this issue does suck and if it happened to me, I would not play for quite some time. People should expect this with the new generation of game systems since it is more common these days. Stick to last gen if you don't want to be their test rats. I don't care for it, but I'm just being realistic.
  5. zombi76

    Lost Power During Final Mission In Coop

    I'm pretty sure all progress made is good for both of you, that is how it has worked for my friends. In other words, if you do any missions together, they should be done if he goes to play alone.
  6. No offense but I highly doubt it was the patch. This issue was happening before the patch. I downloaded the patch and was fine. Don't get me wrong, there is an issue, but I doubt the patch had anything to do with it!
  7. zombi76

    70Mb Xbox One Patch

    That's crazy, I do think however it happened before the patch. I updated on my xbox oone and when I logged in to play, everything was cool, right where I left off. The patch will not correct any of those who have the corrupt save file, but it should prevent it from happeneing in the future, or so we've been told!
  8. zombi76

    70Mb Xbox One Patch

    According to what I've read from others on here, this is the patch that came out on PS4 a few days ago and is suppose to fix the save issue as well.
  9. zombi76

    Patch 1.03 Is Just To Shut Us Up?

    I'm not sure but I'm thinking any co-op issues may be more of a PS4/techland issue as I and several xbox one players have experienced zero lag, connectivity issues, or really any issues aside from the inventory/skill problem. Just wanted to mention this since it may actually be on Sony's end as well