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    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    New Image for "The Whole Story" It was at 0.0% and now it seems someone has found a way, unless it was one of these Devs to test out the fix before sending it out for us. Otherwise someone hacked it or found a way. For Those Wondering Why "The Whole Story" Isn't Popping Some Information I Found Couple sites I have came across lately are saying the Challenges are "side quests" too. I don't know how true this is since once you beat a Chalenge it goes under the category Challenges even after you have beaten them. So I just wanted to state this since a few sites do say Challenges is "included" for The Whole Story.
  2. DevilsThunder

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    I looked over the list that had for The Whole Story trophy, missed like 6 side quests, got them. No trophy popped to give me my platinum, I re looked over the list, have all quests. I played cooperative with friends and did solo. PS4 - Disc - North America I did notice my % for both Story & Completion. STORY: 100% COMPLETION: 90%