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  1. Pedir

    Need To Know Something About Ng+

    I'd love to see a sticky that explains to all of us the differences between a 'new game', a 'ng+', and the levels? For instance, if I were to finish the main quest, but wish to continue in the game to do other stuff at the same level, skills, etc - what do I do? If I want to start a harder version of the game, but keep my level/skills/etc is that possible? And so on...
  2. Pedir

    Good Dont Play

    You can disagree with a post, or an opinion all you want, but don't hate on people. Karma comes back, and wishing for folks to have problems isn't very cool. Personally, I love Dying Light, had it since release, and very few games are flawless when they first come out. Gaming as a whole is much better than it was 15 years ago, and sometimes a new game is more painful than other times. I think back to certain games that had critical issues, that were never ever fixed. Never will 100% of the players be happy. But don't hate on people
  3. Pedir

    Guns Attachments

    I do would like to see a few options to mod the available guns in some fashion. Or a bow, crossbow, blueprint for a silent ranged weapon of some type - limited use is fine, but it would be cool to snipe a mob in the way from a distance without losing your cover.
  4. Pedir

    Still Having Problems Getting Trophys.

    On a PS4, patched to current, have all the safe areas in the 'Slums' in the green - no trophy for "Now it's Safe"? Perhaps I have not progressed far enough in the main quest? Have not seen/been to 'Old Town' yet - is that the reason? New games often have bugs and glitches - maybe I am old school, but back in the DOS days, it could be 3-5 months to get a game all patched up. So I am (not thrilled) waiting for patches - of course, sooner is better. But how far can I safely go in the main quest before hitting a fatal flaw? Could someone tell me if they know? I've just been working on skills, scavenging, and whatnot for the most part so far.
  5. Pedir

    Missed Oppertunities

    Just my two cents about clothing and different stats. It would be very easy to have an outfit that allows you to run a bit faster (so says Nike), or an outfit the allows you to find (and carry) a bit more loot (more pockets, lucky rabbits foot, whatever){why'd they name an outfit the 'scavenger outfit' and give it as an extra goodie?}. My point is not every outfit will add uber stats, but a few *special* outfits *could* increase a skill or two - another than due to being a one-piece-camo tight outfit that makes you harder to see and here - in other words, there is a lot of ways to make this one point work...*IF* the DEVs decide they want to do it. How bout an outfit that due to being make out of layers of leather (etc), protects you more from being bitten? Might slow you a bit, or not be as quiet... I do vote for it, as you'd have to think a bit as you can't change clothes easily/fast/often.
  6. Pedir

    Co-Op And Saves

    I understand. But, when you played co-op, did He always *join* you? If so, you were both playing in *your* game (not his). If you were to join him, you would then be playing in HIS game, and could help him finish quests. Does this make sense?
  7. Call me slow? Am on a PS4 - are these mods you are talking about? If not, how does one get into one of these modes? (not the new ones you are asking for, but the "NG+"?)
  8. Pedir

    All Weapon Variety Lost At 25?

    Why not make a nice aluminum baseball bat with damage of 150, durability of 80 with 6-7 levels of repair and a swing-rate of 95? Could make sense, right? Not over-powered, just better than a wood bat. Do the same with some other weapons, like a knife made of ceramic - weapon speed of 160, damage of 80, etc..
  9. Pedir

    Where Are The Outfits?

    I wish we'd at least get a list of the skins, weapons, and blueprints we are to get with the season pass. I expected to be able to download those items right away, realizing the DLCs won't come out for a bit. But the least they could do is give us a few details - like I did not know skins didn't give benefits, just changed my looks - I assumed the 'athlete' would perhaps make you run faster, and the scavenger would let you get more loot, etc...oh well.
  10. Pedir

    Maxed Out Skill Tree

    Gee, me too. It would be cool to get a special skin to wear, even if you start a new game, or a special weapon. Maybe a cool patch or DLC or something?