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    Help!? What's The Best Weapon?

    Well that all sounds pretty beast, but I forgot to mention I'm only a level 14 I'm survivor, 11 in agility, and 14 in power. I had the expcallibur but as soon as it got wasted it wouldn't let me repair it, I have the Korek machete now, is that always repairable? Cause I don't wanna throw all these mods on it if I can't repair it once it's wasted.
  2. yo Big Mitch

    Help!? What's The Best Weapon?

    Through opinion what is ultimately the best weapon to craft and upgrade!?!? Would love some answers, I've saved up so much money and stuff on this game cause I don't want to waste anything on anything until I am sure on what is a good decision to spend it on. REPLY!