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  1. SynticZ

    Concerns About Dying Light

    To me the night sense doesnt kill the atmosphere at all. It just lets you know that there is danger (zombie) and it makes you know that you are e.g. surrounded by Super Zombies which makes you somewhat claustrophobic = More tension. More tension makes you feel with the game and creates atmosphere. Overall I like how they do it.
  2. I would love to find this picture hanging inside a building:
  3. SynticZ

    Day And Night Cycle Recomendation

    30 min night is long. 15-25 would be nice
  4. In Chrome it showed me on the right side just a big black nothing... But in Firefox it works. Thanks
  5. Sorry but I dont get how to vote there? There is just this picture and... Do I have to login somewhere?
  6. This trailer is like the others: Makes me want to play the game. Good job guys. And it reminds me of even more movement free Assassins Creed with Zombies. Also it looks like its a deeper game than just killing zombies (much terrain, day/night). Overall it looked really cool, with the jumps and the trailer was like "Boom Boom Bang"-kinda thing.
  7. Kyle Crance is singleplayer (1playable character). Multipalyer probably 4 (?)
  8. SynticZ

    Ranged Weapons

    I think (cross) bows would fit well, since you could make the arrows poisoning or flammable. Kinda gives more customizarion to the crafting.
  9. SynticZ

    Questions From The Developers To You

    Your 1st point is very interesting. Please devs look at that. It is just true agility is like the most important thing that will keep you alive. Also to be honest there isnt much shown on the strength part of the game in trailers and so on. Oh wait the whole time I thought they want to make it Agility and Strength balanced (50/50) which isnt true. The focus is on agility and guns are more undervalued. Still you guys also said that if players find a weapon ingame it will be like the best day of their life, but what is it good for when you cant really use it, since it would just attract to many zombies. (Silencer would help). Guns are probably more to be used tactical (vs humans) and not to get your way through that crowd of (50) zombies... ammo is rare.
  10. SynticZ

    Check Out The Newest Gameplay Trailer For Dying Light!

    Really big respect to the videomakers of this (and the other videos), you do a good job at marketing the game. Keep it up!
  11. SynticZ

    Questions From The Developers To You

    1) Playstyle: Situational, also depends on whats more fun. At the moment I tend to the agile one, but really depends on whats the strongest.. 2) Weapons: I pretty much think they are in there. If not... you have to implement Kukris they are just too cool and fit perfectly in there. Normal knives, also. You know just a regular one, which makes you mobile. But also every weapon should feel differently and shouldnt have the same stats. 3) Zombies: The fat guy (Tank) was pretty interesting but I dont know what it will be good for to kill him. Actually killing any zombie is optional, unless they are in your way. Some runners at day would be nice. Not just slow zombies but some that are a bit fast. Maybe some zombies that already are without legs and arms... Or 1 leg and 1 arm, (Optional: child zombies? would be more realistic) 4) Difficulty: Actually you can make the difficulty really high. But dont make impossible situations where the player dies and afterwards is frustrated and be like: "That was not possible, thats too difficult!" Example: After you open a door and you walk in a little room. 2 Tanks run from behind and you are caged there etc...