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    Dying Light Hard Mode Opinions

    @DexterMullen I don't have any problem in dying or with my dead stats, I only want to enjoy the game. If I die in hard mode... I don't restart the game and go to cry to a corner, I simply have fun. Hard mode MUST be hard, so if you are a hardcore player like you said... I don't understand the purpose of this post, because for me you are talking about make easy the hard mode and that is purpose of the normal mode.
  2. spartan27

    Dying Light Hard Mode Opinions

    The only bad thing that I find to the new hard mode is that the demolisher had a lot of HP and I have to hit a lot of times to kill one, that hp is good if you play with friends but to much if you play alone. - First: Survivor sense is a op ability and if you don't search good, you won't find all the lot so yeah for me is harder because you can craft less things, isn't losing time. - Second: Medikits it's fine, it's more realistic have a slow regeneration than heal instantly less. In real life you heal instantly? - Third: The damage it's okey, I'll tell you a secret, it's... HARD MODE! if the zombies don't do a lot of damage is like normal mode! I honestly think you should stay playing in the normal mode, Is the mode for you. You have less zombie damage, install heal, and survivor sense!! And in 8 hours of gameplay you complete the story and all the side quest? yeah sure... There are 8 quarentine zones and in your stats only two... lier
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    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    I paid 38€ for the game, so 20€ for 2 quarantine zones, a few skins and a horde mode... for me is very expensive. That kind of "hardcore" content in other companies are free. So I won't buy season pass.