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  1. That depends... did they actually fix them?
  2. Setzaroth

    Microsoft Ruined This Game For Me
  3. Setzaroth

    Techland, Worst Patching I Have Ever Seen...

    I'm sure this was posted somewhere, but what did the patch that went out today fix exactly?
  4. Setzaroth

    You Want Challenge ? Don't Use Medipack !

    Not realistic considering the game scales with your level. And absolutely not on the med pack thing, since there are a lot of deliberate BS placements of bomber zombies during certain missions. Pass
  5. Setzaroth

    *spoilers* Restart Supply Drops

    Ya, it's stupid that the supply drops stop. It doesn't even make sense for the game's narrative. What? The survivors no longer need help because one bad guy is gone? Lol, this game breaks its own logic at every turn it seems like.
  6. Setzaroth

    Where Is Master Scavenger Skin?

    No problem. Heres hoping they fix the issue soon. I did see one post here (after I made this thread) that the patch supposedly fixed it. No idea, have to wait until I can get on the PS4 and check
  7. Setzaroth

    Where Is Master Scavenger Skin?

    Haha, ya it does. It's weird that your character looks like a native of the games area even though they are supposed to be from the USA, oh well.
  8. Setzaroth

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    The night hunter is weak. It's true. Even leveled up, If anyone has the weapon I have (end game katana with 3 kings, 2400 dmg) UV + 1 hit = kill. Plus, you can just spam your survivor sonar and stand and wait for the alien spider man to come to yo, because they have to.
  9. Setzaroth

    Where Is Master Scavenger Skin?

    Well, the season pass comes with some, but they aren't out until that DLC comes out, I think... The master scavenger skin was for PlayStation digital pre-loads or pre-orders.
  10. I should have the skin for PS4, but it won't unlock no matter what I do. I have to resort to a forum post because both of my support tickets have been ignored