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  1. Anyone else found out that the weapon level of all the enemies (Rais's thugs) is relevant to your survivor lvl? Today i started playing the game again after the disastrous wipe-all-inventory-and-progress glitch i had last week, and i decided to use the stash dupe glitch to get myself to the levels i was prior the disaster. Accidentaly i leveled up my survivor rank at 25 (duplicated disaster relief and sold to the quartermaster), and since then everyone out there have short sacrificial swords with damage at around 900. Weird way to scale the difficulty on a survivor game.
  2. DarthGR

    Please Do Something About Spam In Be The Zombie Mode

    Well, that's a mature response. It seems like complaining for the huge flaws of a game that would be great if fixed, makes people unwanted in the forums created exactly for this purpose.
  3. DarthGR

    Online Problems For Ps4

    Devs are pretty busy at the moment fixing lower priority glitches.
  4. The devs will not answer to you. The don't answer to anyone. It's like they are sitting behind their computers and whenever someone posts anything like this, they are saying "U MAD BRO?"
  5. DarthGR

    Patch 1.03 Is Just To Shut Us Up?

    Seriously? You think you are the clever one around here and all of us who lost everything in this game are just idiots? Please captain, enlighten us with your wisdom on multiple save files
  6. Don't even bother man. The stated that nothing can or will be done for us day-one-s*ckers-that-got-f*cked-up-big-time.
  7. Yes, because it somehow seems unfair to play all the missions and sidequests I cleared in order to get lvl 15, ONE MORE TIME. Instead of flaming me for using the exploit in order to somehow fix their broken game instead of dumping it, maybe you should start flaming Techland for their chupacabra
  8. If there was ANY chance still playing this game after the lost of all my progress, it was to take advantage of the weapon duplication glitch in order to reach my previous level fast enough. It seems that the geniuses of this developer company decided (after emailing me and everyone else that with the patch that will fix the save game issue we will not be able to restore our previous game progression) decided to patch the only way that would keep people playing this game. Trade is imminent for me and seriously, I'm not even getting my self close to a game these guys develop, not after chupacabra all of us "day one" preorders. Also, it is so weird the fact that none of the major gaming sites are referring to the problem, which makes you think that they are all playing us.