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  1. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    The Awesomeness Of Hellraid!

    Hey guys, Will the be gameplay footage of the Gamescom demo ? those images on the article were great, but they made a mistake its not an open world game.
  2. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    Super Hyped

    Recently there was a 20 minute live stream of hellraid on Chrome engine 5, those graphics are outdated in 2 week time when they present Hellraid running on Dying Lights Chrome engine 6 which will run on the current gen consoles and on pc. but thats a good 20 minutes of gameplay unlike trailers.
  3. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    Missed Live Stream-Archived?

    Yep watched it again, its a better quality than my video as well.
  4. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    Missed Live Stream-Archived?

    Thanks guys, happy to help.
  5. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    Missed Live Stream-Archived?

    I have nearly finished uploading mine. for friends who missed it. feel free to check my channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRussian16/videos you can watch the whole 20 minutes there. It's in full screen so you wont see the twitch chat taking place.
  6. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    A Barbarian type wielding axes and swords. although I will be using all the weapons. As well heavy armour.
  7. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    Double Bitted Axes Or Weapon Bulkiness, Very Disruptive

    Not sure if you realised this was a fantasy game, it needs no complete resemblance of the real world. Nothing is wrong with the weapons you showed they are pretty good, but when an artist has to sit there and go I need to model and texture at least 200 or more weapons It's not so easy because sooner or later you run out of ideas and have to create more cool looking designs. this game isn't a medieval times simulator so it really shouldn't matter if the weapons are huge and weird looking. In that image that's a two handed blade you know the ones with extra long hilts so it can be carried with two hands they are supposed to be long so it has a good reach. and finally the skeleton is holding the double sided axe because ALL creatures that use weapons drop those weapons so the player can use them, and there is a Game master system that randomly generates almost all the things you will loot in the game and that also includes what the demons and skeletons are wielding. And there are no Japanese buster swords that would be dumb to put in, as well the atmosphere these guys want to make is Dark fantasy Gothic action. and to achieve that you would need tons of Gothic style weapons. Cheers,
  8. Hell_and_Dungeon_1994

    A Place To Call Home

    Hey guys, I like the hub type idea very hexen like. so the lobby is it like an interior or exterior village with people hanging around the place if you don't mind me asking, and also any legendary unique equipment details aren't needed just some confirmation on that subject. also can't wait to do some game play of Hellraid, https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRussian16/videos just going to be doing gameplay not monetized, two hexen videos on the way. Thank you making this kind of game its been long overdue and will get it day 1. Cheers, Andy,