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  1. Zach6699

    Artbook Giveaway - Forum Only

    I love to see the city at night, it being lit solely by these fires, and lights. But can't admire too long might get spotted! Picture | v
  2. Zach6699

    Survivor Sense Completly Useless?

    Try it on normal difficulty
  3. Zach6699

    April Fool Effect: Do We Need That?

    Maybe the Dev Tools come out.
  4. Zach6699

    Question From The Devs

    I just run around and survive. I especially like night gameplay where I hide in the shadows.
  5. Zach6699

    Techland I Applaud You.

    How do you post an image?
  6. Zach6699

    Techland I Applaud You.

    Today I found a house and it looked familiar I went inside and there was an tv that was playing cartoons this was the house from the trailer where the original runner (Ken, I think) saved a girl from her zombie father there was even the drawing in the closet. Very good move incorporating the trailers with the game. (Also the run boy run trailer is Brecken and that's cool.) Keep up good work!
  7. Zach6699

    Chat Being Heard By Zombies

    I know.
  8. Try kicking it a lot. This is a real suggestion
  9. Zach6699

    One Question....

    That's a real creepy thing in game. It's like they know what will happen to them tonight and are waiting for their hunting hours.
  10. Zach6699

    Guns Attachments

    Honestly that wouldn't work, and if it would it would only decrease the sound a little bit.
  11. Zach6699

    Good Job Fourm Admin's!

    I haven't seen those stupid spammers who wanted you to call a phone number anymore. A win for the people! Keep doing a good Job!
  12. Zach6699

    Guns Attachments

    Like you would really find a silencer anywhere in a random third world city called Harran.
  13. Zach6699

    Chat Being Heard By Zombies

    Wh... Why would you say this?!?? 😢
  14. Zach6699

    Gold/yellow Tier Weapons

    Found The Dark Machete at Level 23