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  1. No_Other_xD

    Impossible To Win As Human...?

    So many tutorials in this forum and no one bother to read young survivor....n00bs
  2. No_Other_xD

    When Is New Update?

    Sit and get comfy, As a player since day ONE and been here in the Forum since....Feb 3/2015, TechLand drop patches every 4 months and only with DLC's
  3. No_Other_xD

    Possible Medkit Nerf?

    Agree, The MedKit should be like in Hard Mode all the time but sadly...TechLand don't take note...only when the online numbers drops...
  4. No_Other_xD

    Everything Wrong With Be The Zombie In One Match!

    @SomeOldDude nice trick in that vid xD thanks
  5. No_Other_xD

    Be The Zombie, So Broken!

    Two "Night Hunter's" is the solution to this unbalanced problem TechLand let the players try that for a week PLEASE xD
  6. No_Other_xD

    The Following Release Date

    Is happening the same thing like for the first DLC, fans and players complaing so much about the lack of info and patches that they give us free stuff in the next patch xD when they saw the online numbers droping like zombies in the game...
  7. No_Other_xD

    Female Zombies

    The Alpha game and the game for E3 was a completely different game from the final version, Even 'Be The Zombie' game trailers WAS awesome and then xD in the final version was a -0
  8. No_Other_xD

    The Following?

    A new Community Manager? This looks interesting xD
  9. No_Other_xD

    The Following

    I think is time to buy the season pass xD
  10. Good post hope they take note and reply something...not just pin the topic...
  11. No_Other_xD

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

  12. No_Other_xD

    Techland Nerf's Human Abilities Yet Again!

    We are no longer the strongest one 😔 R.I.P. Survivor Master Race 😎
  13. No_Other_xD

    Lol. You Guys Are Hilarious..

    Yeah...i hate thoses n00bs...than go Rambo against the NH and die in less than a a example... skip to 9:30...:-/ i have to kick him from my game....shame shame
  14. No_Other_xD

    Hey Techland U Gotta Do Something About This.

    "This plugin is not supported" can't see the vid