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  1. dude kudos if you can hit a hunter with a nade, I tested those too, they take a while to go off and only do 1/3 his life in damage lol


    are you kidding me katana did more damag? its the same exact thing as the 245 tahirs weapon. look again

    and are you serious? his armor? that is not 'armor' buddy now i know you dont know much about be the zombie mode, its his energy bar for pounce, tendrils and sprint..... nothing else....(at which point you use uv block anyway) now I think youre just a troll lol



    Now what I REALLY wana test is knives, does anyone on ps4 have a knife or a low level survivor that can buy one? If knife kills in 3 hits as well, oh boy....cause they are much faster. Same reason I use sacrificial short sword over the katana, it swings faster.


    I also tested weapon range, I was hoping the katana had more range, since you know...it's longer but it does not. So really not point in using the katana against a night hunter, it is actually worse because it is slower.

  2. and here it is. you can see with the expcalibur power swing at 3:30 does not one shot.


    and im in my friends game right now as a night hunter, he did the 2handed power swing windmill attack with his 2500 damage orange axe. and it brought me to the same health it does with a 1hander and the expcalibur. 14 life. same as 2 fast swings. you are lieing darkwolf.

  3. Dude...from where do you take that of "they also adjusted the range of survivor senSe" ? In which patch says that?

    Go to update history on your ps4. patch 1.02, under gameplay. "tweaked the range of survivor sense' Not hard to find. Also shows in my video how long the range is.

    and Hijacker, you do realize all those items you posted have to be farmed, correct? Try playing the hunter against 1 survivor not using boosters and grenades and consumables, if a survivor wants to farm for an hour to get a bonus for One 10 minute match. He should get good benefits.

    Hell you have to win an entire match against a night hunter to get one hunter gland, which makes only 2 night hunter potions. I can easily go through 10 in one match.

    and darkwolf, show a video proving this, because thats BS I literally just used power attacks on my friend as a night hunter and it brings them down to the same health 2 fast swings do. about 10%. You are either lieing, lagging, or the hunter was already damaged a little.


    How long does youtube edit take? Soon as its done I will prove you wrong....

  4. lol not that I played very well, hey any time you wanna invade and show how good you are I'll be waiting. Love to see how well you do with a controller :) And the only reason I used potions and flares is because he was glitching and spamming spit. I normally do not need it. Did you not see the damage of my weapon? I have a 2600 damage katana, it still takes THREE HITS to kill a hunter. You are lagging if you honestly get one shotted. I even let my friend join as a hunter and tried a 2500 damage(2handers are double, so that counts as 5 THOUSAND damage) did the windmill attack, which hits TWICE and it still did not one shot. You are simply WRONG jks, and wheres your video and friend request? All talk, no game. You can even ask the devs bro, it takes 3 fast swings to kill a night hunter NO MATTER THE WEAPON, go ahead, friend request me, ill join as a hunter, and let you hit me. It is 3 shots with a 500 damage korek machete, and 3 shots with a 2600 katana, and 2 hits with power swings on a 2500 damage 2handed axe. You are wrong.


    I am simply a good survivor, I have had quite a bit of practice, good hunters can keep me locked down to the point where I can't even get to the nests. That was not a top skilled hunter, he was only level 16 and has not much experience, and saw what he still did. I have less than 3 or 4 hours experience on mine, and barely ever loose, infinite spit or not. They are fine 1on1, they do need to be buffed for 3 or 4 person games, however.

    Agreed. quietusreaper's video emphasised the Hunters imbalance even with the use of the Infinite Spits Glitch.

    Now add another survivor who plays the same way into the equation And the problem is elevated even further.

    Which highlights the very real need for the Hunter to be Rebalanced and Receive various Buffs.

    Going Head on against the Night Hunter should not be the go to strategy.

    You should be doing Your best to avoid close contact as the Night Hunter is hunting You. If Survivors can so easily turn being Hunted into being the Hunter. Something is very wrong.


    Uhh what? It says right in the tips as the hunter to avoid close contact lol, that he is weak up close. I assume you mean that towards the hunter, not the survivor. The whole goal of the survivor is to keep an eye on the hunter so he can use his uv to avoid pounce, and it's a pure melee game. Guns are useless against a decent hunter...You only get 60 ammo, 120 for assault rifle, that is easily gone in one game, and vendors sell 3 bullets at a time. Whole goal is to get in close and slash him.....lol

    And yes NH did get buffed, before the most recent patch TWO drop kicks killed him, it now takes THREE. Plenty of videos on twitch if you would like a link. Also it took one power swing from expcalibur to kill the hunter (very hard to time) now it takes TWO and he loses more games than wins now because of it.... Again friend request me, I will hop on my hunter and prove it, record it, and upload it. I will be waiting.

    It is simply sad that I need to drink 5+ night hunter boosters a game to even stand a chance against a low level hunter. Yeah they need a BUFF lol....they are fine 1on1, get better. Again they need reduced cooldowns for 3 or 4 player games I will agree to that.

    And how many flares did I go through in ONE match? You realize how long it takes to legit farm 100 flares? Give me a break lol, Still waiting for a video showing a one shot, when my friend gets on I'll see if he can join as a hunter and prove 2600 damage katana takes 3 hits. Will that shut you up? :)


    I'll also add in that video my adrenaline was pumping so hard I was shaking and sweating all over, if I was calm it would have went a lot differently lol it was quite a match.

  5. Just beat 2 infinite spitters 1on1 in a row, uploading them now. The second guy was being REALLY obvious about it, literally spamming uv spits while hiding on the bridge over and over and over lol

    and the dude above me, id love to see your videos too pal, hide inside a building its called boomer hoard. lmao


    jks, i am on ps4 bro, id love to have you invade. SphincterRIPPER is my psn.


    and no other no offense man but you are not a very good hunter...you sit still like that in a building? you should be zipping around him in circles lol (Aggressive gameplay, lol that guy wasnt even using survivor sense or his uv....hes obviously a noob....and cute lvl 14? whole point is i dont have the good skills and still owned them bad. and when you see the vid youll see they werent no noobs like your 'agressive' video.) The dude uses a molotov. how can you even be proud of that win lmao

  6. So you admit to abusing a known glitch darkwolfcub? UV flares are meant to be the way they are, infinite spit is a exploit.


    And I am sorry bud but if you die with infinite spits, you are a terrible hunter, it is as simple as that. Even 4 player games are a joke with infinite hoards. 120 ammo runs out fast, infinite hoards do not. Also if you stick the hoard spit, they even climb on top of small buildings and trains. If you happen to get players good vs one shot exploding charging zombie hoards, simply switch to infinite uv spit and they cant do anything, yes infinite spit means you can drop another spit and another every time they drop a flare. UV block, UV spit, pounce. If you cant win vs 4 players with infinite spit, you are a terrible NH.(or dont have leapfrog yet.)


    Also you do realize you have to farm for uv flares right? It takes a good hour to get 100 of them, and one game I can easily go through 40 with a good infinite spitter NH. Give me a break man lol


    You just want your op class to be even more op so you can feel 'gud'


    Do I even need to point out one flare lasts about 5 seconds while uv spit lasts a good 15? Heh. Flares are also Stationary, with the NH incredible speed and tendrils, and UV block you can easily take off and recoup, Survivor does not have that option, give Survivor the same speed as NH :)


    There is a reason barely anybody streams be the zombie mode, if devs saw them dominating 20+ games in a row, they would get nerfed hard. Watch the top survivor pvp streamers, they lose more than they win 1on1.

    The UV range is fine with how many obstacles are in the way for NH to hide behind in both maps. Also considering the NHs incredible speed, the range is fine.

  7. Also I can guarantee the only ones saying survivors are OP are the Night Hunters on the PC, because of Hotkeys. The good NH are dominating on consoles 20-30 games in a row. Why? Because for some reason techland decided to make switching between equipment extremely slow on Console. You have to HOLD the dpad to switch, OR cycle through 4 items one at a time. In a game this fast paced, that surely means death. Do not break console survivors to make PC NH stronger. This would literally break the game. On PC you can hotkey equipment so you can very quickly switch between uv light flares and grappling hook, this is not possible on console. Unless Techland wants to update switching equipment to sliding up right down left on the sensor bar on the ps4 controller.

  8. This is an on going issue, and now nearly every single NH seems to be abusing it, can't believe I am reading these lies about being one shot when they just got buffed, before the patch 2hander power swings were possible one shots, now it takes 1 power 1 speed, which takes a good 4-5 seconds total. Infinite UV spits 1on1 and they say underpowered, like give me a break man. I am not going to post the link here, but it is not hard to find.


    Techland, Fix This ASAP.

  9. So what if the night hunter dies once per game? Is the survivor not the one that loses if he dies? NH can die as many times as they want. And if you get dropped to 8 hp it was a power attack, sorry but if you see a guy charging an attack, and charge in that is on you. And are you really complaining about having to charge ground pound? You do realize there is an upgrade that lets you not only charge it while moving (still move faster than survivor btw.) AND and aerial ground pound version? You can easily tendril out of the survivors sense range in seconds, quickly zoom back and aerial ground pound uv spit. OHH and do I even need to talk about the infinite spit every single NH seems to be abusing? Funny how you all asking for buffs, but that has not been mentioned once. Only way I have been one shot after the patch is ground pound or drop attack. Prove these videos are post patch.


    You guys want counters, and buffs, and all these buffs when you have been one shotting and dropping an entire group of 4 players (half the game won in seconds). Take away tendrils and move as fast as the survivor, that would be FAIR. I bet more than half of these people asking for buffs to an already op 1on1 class are abusing infinite spit too.

  10. uhh the slums? who goes to the edge of the map to go into the water? all the nests spawn in the middle, every single game i have played so what you got a troll turtle? leave and join another game?

    and any vid showing a hunter being one hit by melee, is obviously before the most recent patch. expcalibur use to with a power attack, it does not after the patch which i already stated(and even then, do you realize how hard that is to time? id love to see you try it, with your auto aim pounce.)

    1vs1 are near impossible....ok thats why ive lost 2 1on1 matches out of how many games and my dudes not even maxed? really? come on now....they do not need buffs 1on1 give me a break. 3 or 4 on 1 yes 1on1? get outta here with that


    also the fact you cannot get a game and when you do the person leaves says alot does it not? obbviously the good survivors that have the skills to win are gonna be the ones keeping invasions on, you know...it is an option.....you got low level skill hunters going against high skilled surviors, thats all. again L2P if you play a hunter right you shouldnt get touched

    this whole post is pointless anyway one hit kills were already patched, unless your talking about drop attack, which if you allow yourself to ge below a survivor, you deserve it


    and am i really reading people trying to complain about Guns? I'm sorry but what? max ammo is what, 120 for assault rifle? for laughs i let my friend empty a clip into me. guess what it didnt even take me to half. that was sittng still....using your locomotion good luck getting shot, again L2P dude why are you sitting still use your tendrils and be untouchable

    sure sounds like some less skilled gamers got a taste of winning and want an already op 1on1 class to be even more op, you move 5x faster can practically fly, and can one shot from 25 yards...doesnt it auto aim? and shall i mention leapfrog? auto aim jump from survivor to survivor for insta kills? If pounce gets interrupted uv block tendril out try again.


    hell playing my hunter, even if survivors try to turtle inside safe houses, i can survive for a good 5 seconds before dying, and as long as i land pounce, it finishes the kill animation even if im at 0 health...getting me a kill....securing a win....like really, this is so offbase


    and about the 'pounce interrupt not even facing you' is simply lag. i have had my light in their face the whole time they come dropping from the sky and it still lands, its called lag. that is what happens in a p2p game, if there was dedicated servers this would be alot different.

    I could also point out i have been literally pounced through walls multiple times, am i saying thats op? no its lag

  11. Who is saying hunters get one shotted? Try not to get slammed into spikes... Only way you get one shotted on a hunter(after the recent patch)... Normal swings is 3 hit kill no matter what damage, i have done this at level 15 and level 25. Go ahead, try it. I 3 shot a hunter with speed hits with a 900 damage sword, and my 2500 katana(katana is 1handed btw). Now nests, that is a different story. You can do it in 2 hits, if you do a power swing then a fast swing, before the patch 2handed power swings were one shots, not any more. get your facts straight man if anything hunter is OP 1on1....Not to mention you can literally chain stun a survivor 1 on 1 with ground pounds(you can move while charging ground pound, it has at least 3x the range of a survivors weapon, simply back up a little, and WAM survivor doesnt have the option to escape, you do!), and again use your skills properly, you have knock backs and tackles for a reason, time your spit right, tackle them into it, GG. and when you UV them, do a boomer hoard at the same time....so even if they are fast enough to drop flares, they get a nice zombie hoard of boomers in their face....really its a l2p issue....Now i agree they should get reduced cooldowns with 3 or 4 players, but thats a different matter isnt it'

    Also, the dude saying 'right back on me 1 second after a ground pound' is either lieing, lagging, or playing against somone using a night hunter booster, and considering you have to win a whole game to make only two(2) of them and youre lucky to get 1 set of nests before it wares off....yea.


    edit: and about the troll water hiding, dont play on old town, until it is patched, if this happens on slums its obviously a troll, leave.

    Also, are you serious about the counters? you can literally fly around the map, 5 times faster than the survivor....and you want counters?(sure, give survivors super speed then) the whole gameplay of the hunter is to do sneak attacks and be evasive, hit n run

    Played right the hunter can literally fly around the survivors uv light range and right for the proper time to strike....wonder if they have even played the survivor against a good hunter, you literally feel like you are being hunted if they play properly, obviously if the dudes sitting there looking at you, you don't go in for a pounce...its really all about the hunters skill in using tendril locomotion, that is by far the most important aspect of playing the hunter properly imo



     post vids dominating games, and asking for buffs...There is a reason nobody streams be the zombie, cause it is so rediculously powerful is devs saw it, it would get nerfed asap. (1on1)


    The reason survivors have counters is because they are 5 times slower and cannot fly like the Night Hunter, that is called balance.