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  1. MORD

    Btz Worth Reinstalling?

    Hello chaps. Old hunter veteran here. I uninstalled the game a few monts ago as I couldnt stand unbalance and hacking. I`ve noticed that game had been updated. Question is - is BTZ fixed and balanced better? Worth reinstalling? I`d like to hear specially from old good hunters like dassorrow, jcks or doc purrington if they are still around.
  2. MORD

    Revives In Pvp; Yay Or Nay?

    It`s an important co-op feature and it wont be removed I`m afraid. My idea was to make one revival as a half of a kill for example. I fully agree that reviving counter should be lowered. Also it should take longer in BTZ to revive a player (fear factor).
  3. I say YOU quit now. Another useless thread of yours. Bye bye and don`t let the doors hit you.
  4. MORD

    Dying Light Pvp Is Dying

    I`m on pc too but my recent experience it`s totally different. Last time i saw a cheater it was maybe 10 days ago.2 players of four were able to fly around like birds. I find matches in Europe`s prime time - afternoon and evening. Starting a new game is kinda solution if you really struggle to find something. Cant speak for survivors. One thing we share though. Very often I want to uninstall the game. Mostly when I hit the wall when I do my best and when the "pros" jump blindly in my direction when they are above me and a magnet in my arse drags them to me from 10 meters away
  5. MORD

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    Let me quote your ideas form mentioned post. It brings a lot of interesting ideas to this thread: Quote: Ideas: - Shorten dodge distance or lengthen the time is takes to execute. I don't want dodge to be taken out, that would be silly. But its does need to be tweaked. or - Shorten spit explosion timer. You can dodge twice in the amount of time it takes to explode. You only need to dodge once to be out of the explosion. or - Put dodge and tackle counter on different keys. Having them on the same key takes out the whole "well timed" factor when it comes to dodging tackles. You should have to choose if you want to counter a tackle or a ground and pound. or - Quicken the hunters charged ground and pound walk speed. If you're going to let dodge spamming slide then at least give hunters something they can use consistently against it. or - Automatically shut off the UV flashlight during a dodge. To win a 1v1 you should have to time your moves not just spam them.
  6. MORD

    Make Pvp More Intense By...

    During a battle with humans I have no time to look at a tiny health human bar and i never know which bar represents what. Its rather useless for me. Looking from human perspective you have a massive hunter`s health/energy bar that lets you to decide how to deal with a hunter. 8 hp left? ok I pull out a gun etc. It`s just unfair. Removing this bar or making it a human like could help a bit in balancing the gameplay I really want to know the devs reasons on why did they implement it this way.
  7. MORD

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    They know GP distance and you wont get them with that. Hunter `s risen hands inform them and give them more then enough time to dodge to safe distance, I repeat - they try to avoid getting close to you until they see opportunity to attack. They are more agile on the surface as they can dodge to the sides as well. When you try to get close with the GP ready they uv you as long as they can and then they dodge again.They uv you if they stop dodging even for a second. You won`t pounce them. Wait until they make mistake? That works both ways. But they have all their abilities ready to use and you have already used your spits and shield for example. GP from the air can also be avoided by dodging - how? you have to choose a place to land. They see you and they know what`s going to happen. And they dodge. It`s strange for me that you don`t even object to a clear abuse of dodging used by survivors as their main movement method. I see you record for YT so maybe get some footage of 1v1 where human abuses dodging AS described by me. I`d love to learn something for sure.
  8. MORD

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    You don`t need to walk backwards. You should run. Game offers you a perfect ability to look back over your shoulder when you run. You can even use a flash light if I`m not wrong.
  9. MORD

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    They will be avoiding (dodging) a fight until your energy is drained. That`s a problem. And you know how easy is to lose it. Dodge spam is a solution to almost everything what can be dangerous to survivor. It`s a method of ruining away from a hunter whilst still facing him with full access to defending/attacking human`s abilities.
  10. MORD

    Serious Gameplay Issue - Dodge Abuse

    Since when hunter uses claws as primary attack? And how will you claw them when they keep dodging? It`s asking for getting killed mate. Don`t forget that hunter is weaker in cqc. Also I disagree that a doge is slow as in fact seems to be faster then running. How will you out maneuver them? Tendrils? Running towards them? Jumping? They spam this movement so in split second they can change their location. Yes. They can`t attack but they can keep dodging until you run out of your abilities and energy or you make mistake. They attack then. Ignoring this problem will not fix it. You will come back here when you meet them. Trust me. You are right about maxed human though - another thing that should be changed in BTZ. EDIT. Maybe I should mention that I`m talking about PC. I`m not sure if it works the same on the consoles.
  11. I don`t know if you have already met survivors abusing this mechanics. It`s getting worse and worse and more survivors seems to know this "technique". The "technique" as simple as the most of survivor`s abilities - pressing direction key and a dodge key. IN BTZ human`s basic way of movement is running. Humans have ability to dodge when THEY NEED TO DODGE - escaping hunter`s spits landing close to them for example. Unfortunately recently this mechanics has started to be abused badly. Let me describe what they do. They start dodging when a hunter is approaching them - probably mini map distance - they dodge back and to the sides too. They use it basically to counter all hunter actions - spits, famous combo and ground pounds. This is their basic way of movement during a fight. They use it more then running. Try to catch them.. Grapple hooks have got a cool down time for good reason - devs understand how they could be abused if there was no limit. Same logic should be applied to dodge abuse. They need a cool down time. Period.
  12. MORD

    Be The Hunted Zombie

    In first situation you can use UV block then tackle him (works with vans too) and then pounce when he lands outside flare area.
  13. MORD

    Problems With The Hunter

    Then add me too to your list of bad zombie players. I guess all of us hunters have been or will be in this group.
  14. MORD

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Number one defo! cant stop laughing