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  1. pcwuo4hr98q3c4

    Hellraiders! A Demon To Name Awaits You!

    Maybe you don't truly need a definite name YET. In a time where sword without gunpowder was used, they don't say nicknames of enemies like "kill that Wrach" (used the best name) A noblemen in Hell's raid "a hellspawn caster, slaughter it!" Or if a peasant fighter speaks of it "standing bird until we kill it!" When you allow characters to call out a creature with their own explanation to it. It allows characters to express themselves rather then having a factory canned name which everyone uses. It contributes to characterization and its era too.
  2. pcwuo4hr98q3c4

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Developer of the Hellraid, I ask you! I beg something if it ever has space and time to do. Something of personal goal and pride I carry through all skill games. I-of all things, I would play your game because there is some sort of skill based gameplay of fighting. I accept facts that a much higher level characters than of lower will lose no matter the case. This I agree. BUT! And I will not burden myself with something I shy to ask. I want to be so good at this game that I will earn some kind of recognition. Perhaps for being one great parry user? Or greatly skilled in fighting multiple players at once. And I want to have something that makes me proud like a sword, axe or spear or even a dagger, and crossbow. To feel my earnings, to help myself play and encourage myself, at least something that marks me. For example, how would it feel if I beat the hardest boss you faced and get a sword. This sword is called "Great Longsword" colour coded to symbolize its legendary status. Wait! Where is my earning? Where is the pride is having thousands of other people using the same exact sword called "Great Longsword"? How does it feel to use this sword that cannot be personalized to yourself after using it for weeks to months and possibly years?! How is this immersing myself to make me play anymore? It will feel nothing. People create emotional attachment to what they were given, I for example sometimes keep the first weapon I've ever used in a game. Games cannot be called "just a game" to me. As a gamer ever since from kindergarden, I have grown up to feel passion for games. I want to strive and feel. So at last I ask you at least one thing, renaming our weapons so that we can feel unique out of others. That is not all I want but it's all I ask. Maybe we can rename our weapons after a certain amount of kills which cannot be simply reached by farming. Maybe after killing a boss, 1000 skeletons, 500 undead, 100 players. Then we can rename our weapon. This way, it prove our pact towards a weapon we hold dear to and not just farm. I ask this as a very passionate and competitive gamer who tries to best all others. My request description is finished. (Sorry for how I write, I've created a habit in historical writing that I can't change)
  3. I am in full awareness of games like Chivalry Medieval warfare though say to me at this. Chivalry is a multiplayer game made to forge skilled based gameplay, it however does greatly entertain even with realistic weapons. But! Why is it entertaining? Because it utilizes the combat system is such a way enticing our battles. But it wasn't about the weapons they made! It was the fighting! The weapons were simple still astonishing-yes. I feel now that if there were simple weapons but we have personalization to them-it will make Hellraid a greater game. Hellraid of course does show very badly crafted weapons in the sake of looking cool and bulkiness. I wonder why the developers decided this now....oh yes! I remember now, they made the game with a concept of some sort of 19s game which I heard through a video. Perhaps it is unwise to make such bimbo weapons just so trying to look cooler. I-in true opinion however ironic like a simple weapon that I can feel attached to and use throughout the game with some sort of personalization. "more weapons more fun" - Hellraid Blog Not true to everyone, it means less time on this and more times on quantity....Oh right! Quality over quantity. Maybe, the developers could have make a few mistakes but is there ever a mistake when people have different opinions? We never know, the game to date doesn't seem to explore the concept of quality and why people would play games. I simply dislike the ranking of d-c-b-a ranking for equipment. It simply overpowers skill. I go now to ask a developer something....
  4. How does someone's gameplay style affects the game's content. A fast slasher who wields feather weapons, will he or she show exclusive abilities that differs from a fierced gripped sword and shield man? Also, the mages show little interest in many games, how is the mage typed character play in this game? I feel the mage ability tree will be something used as a secondary class. Will it be easier to be to be a jack of all trades or a greater warrior? A question everyone may ask.
  5. The weapons you show us are true to what you say but answer this firmly! How does giving the majority plain and simple weapons stand out to the audience and keep them playing? Many stay content in fantasy because of its unrealistic features so why should everyone have to look at your text and agree? What is a weapon abomination too? Is it the bad craftsmanship put into a weapon or just a design flaw? This is no religious house for swords, blinded ranter.
  6. pcwuo4hr98q3c4

    Our Team Needs Your Help

    Boner force, charge!
  7. pcwuo4hr98q3c4

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I think there is more important things to do.
  8. pcwuo4hr98q3c4

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Will there be thrusting strikes? Axes have spearheads on them and if we can't use them, it might feel like we're not fully utilizing the weapon we have. Its not the super large variety of useless weapons and useful weapons that entertained me. It was the fact that the impact of my blade exchanged into the victim was the fun. Hellraid seem to accomplish that judging from the gameplay. Here is something I disliked about SOME RPGs. I don't like the fact that games have a weapon which is the ultimate of its kind. Like the highest statistics axe, sword or staff. They should still have a con in them at their tier of stats bellow some other weapons. What if I upgrade my first weapon fully, will it be effective against high level enemies. "Craft devastating weapons" That's interesting, I saw in the trailer where a objective told the player to get weapon parts. We can make our weapons possibly?
  9. pcwuo4hr98q3c4

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    The abilities can get repetitive for players. They are still working on it of course, I don't know what they are planning to do with the spells because there hasn't been much information about the mage. So I took action on this. The spellcasting feels satisfying but doesn't hit the point of making mages interesting yet. Yet, its 2014 and they got over 6 months. I know they'll do something great with the classes in the future though. Yeah, I know they got a classless characterization. I said agility based player if that was what you were replying to. And like many martial arts, you use their own momentum against them because your not as strong as your enemies. Timing is key but I don't want this to be always based on how I timed my attacks. The devs also went to classes that taught European fighting with swords, there has been techniques that uses your enemies opponents momentum/strength.
  10. pcwuo4hr98q3c4

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    A agility based player uses his high mobility better than all others. The bow has has better use. He can disable limbs by shooting at them. He can quickly access traps or activate them with his bow. But I don't always want to be doing the same things especially if I'm weaker than an warrior who gets all the fun. He could be much more useful than killing everything he sees. Snatch weapons if he blocks them? Just some suggestions that could change gameplay. Flashy animations could help with the gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27Zwad6RmpI Perhaps someone could be inspired by this. Also, the classes must shine. The mage who performs fancy spells. Perhaps something very flashy but not too flashy. The mage can have faith in phoenixes and summon a symbol above his staff. This symbol of a phoenix then unleashes a wave of fire. Could do some story telling on phoenixes too. Maybe they are the descendants from hell but were good birds and then left hell. And they know things.