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  1. Ravnfrausing

    'homo Homini Lupus Est' Trophy Not Working

    I think the problem with the trophy is that it counts "number of times you saved someone". While the stats counts number of people. Mine poppd at around 20 people saved.
  2. I killed all the volatiles in the carpark quarantine zone by stealthkill while under camouflage.
  3. Ravnfrausing

    Minor Bug

    First of all I want to thank you for such a great game. I've been playing it for about 65 hours now with almost no issues. The only one i haven't seen adressed yet is the sound when you dive. Crane apparantly breathes water - that would explain why he can stay under for so long The inhalation sound always comes after Crane has gotten his head under the water. As stated in the title.. just a minor bug
  4. Ravnfrausing

    Hud Options Need To Be Present For Users.

    I'd personally prefer the ability to to remove the level bar, the mini map and the on-screen prompts.
  5. Ravnfrausing

    Where Is The Ultimate Survivor Pack?

    I got the redeem code as a compensation for the physical delay in Europe. But if it's redeemable it should be accessible for the season passes as well.
  6. Ravnfrausing

    Where Is The Ultimate Survivor Pack?

    I got mine just by entering my redeem code for the survivor bundle. Maybe try in-game in the extras menu.
  7. Ravnfrausing

    So Where Did You Died The First Time ?

    I overestimated my zombiefighting skills taking on a pack about two hours in.
  8. I'm running Dying light on ps4 and 4k.. But I haven't had any issues so far
  9. Waiting in Denmark for the ps4 disc. It's been hell waiting for the release. And i don't have the extra 100kr ~ 15$ for digital. Besides that i still prefer the disc and case Anyway I just got the last of us as a delayed birthday present last week. So now I have something to pass the time with. I really hope most of the bugs are fixed before the release.
  10. Ravnfrausing

    Dying Light Universe

    Agreed that its a gram positive rod bacteria. But i'm not that sure about it being Bacillus since there are no signs of spores.
  11. Ravnfrausing

    Spam Bots

    Now its just getting silly with all these spam bots. Several pages only with spam. I was wandering if the solution to this can be so simple as making a limit to how many topics a user can create within a day. Or maybe just adding the numbers in a picture thing when creating a topic. P.S. I'm no computer genius, i just see this stuff to prevent bots on other websites.
  12. Ravnfrausing

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    Please make it avaliable for ps4
  13. Ravnfrausing

    Cannot Log In In Dying Light Companion

    Now its working again.. thanks..
  14. Ravnfrausing

    Cannot Log In In Dying Light Companion

    Same problem here on android. We really need this fixed. This app is how i survive the 4 week delay on the disc.