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    Polyamory! Needing Help On Ps4!

    PSN ID JackBileDuct. I need this one as well and happy to join you guys for 5 quests. Have two games going with one at 100% / 100% and the other with only two story and two side quests done. Can help you guys with the higher ranked guy in your game or have the lower ranked with open quests if you want to join my 2nd run.
  2. Got mine post patch after starting a new game also. Had started a new game to get a wrench for the plumber trophy or whatever it is. Had done Mother's Day and the one where you take the guys out at the drug store. Was in the process of doing the story quest "Air Drop" and just climbing up a building when it popped.
  3. JackBileDuct

    Bugs/glitches I Noticed On Dying Light

    Coyg, had the same happen to me. I had to join random games for somebody that hadn't yet done or pciked up the quest. It got screwed up for me when I had joined a friend's game and he turned that in and the barge left. After that, I had the exclamation but no barge. Had joined a friend that had picked up the quest and not yet done it. In that case, the barge was there but Neil wouldn't speak to me. So I had him log and boom the barge is gone and I was in the water with the exclamation back. Join sombody's game that is doing one of the early story missions and you should be able to pick it up.
  4. JackBileDuct

    Ending Of First Assignment?

    You can get to both from the roof of the hangar or whatever it is. For the one by the highway, you can grab a ledge from the hangar building and work your way to the left and then drop down on the rail and enable the trap. For the other, get on the building and run off of the rail that sticks out and pointed right at the pole and jump to it.
  5. JackBileDuct

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    Safe House trophy popped for me a day after I got the last safe house. Last one was in Old Town and two friends were in my game. I got the last safe house with no trophy so guessed mine was screwed like so many others. Was playing the next day alone and finishing up all the challenges in the Slums and headed to Old Town to do those. I'd gone to the tower and clicked the poster. When Old Town loaded, I got the Safe House trophy.
  6. JackBileDuct

    Ps4 Camera Drifting

    I don't know about with the vita and I've only remote played once but when I did I could still chupacabra up the other guy's movement by moving my controller. Anway, I don't really care to debate you. Try my solution which will most likely work or not; I don't care. Good day.
  7. JackBileDuct

    Is Anyone Else Able To "be A Zombie"

    Does it filter the games that don't have an invasion allowed? My Z is lvl 13 so yes I've played a lot but I get the same message 90% of the time. I'll spend 20 minutes or more to find a single game I can join. It may be displayed on the screen and I'm just not seeing it somewhere but my guess has always been it is showing all games regardless of whether invasion is allowed or not. And most people probably have invasion disabled.
  8. JackBileDuct

    Ps4 Camera Drifting

    Actually it is your controller. You'd probably see the same if you were playing The Crew. Happens to me in both games on my oringinal PS4 contoller but not on the second one I have with a fraction of the playing time on it. I think the springs for the thumb sticks get worn or out of balance to where it is giving a little bit of input when we'd swear it was centered. Go into the controller options and bump up the dead zone a click or two and it should fix your issue.
  9. JackBileDuct

    A Survivor'S Guide To Zombieland - Glitched

    BTW, I'm on PSN and my user is the same there as here. I'd appreicate an invite to a game from anybody that has the quest available and undone so that I could pick it up. Thanks
  10. Made a post about Neil not showing up and didn't realize the quest he was assocaited with. Last night I was playing with a friend and had joined his game. He was doing "A Survivor's Guide To Zombieland" and we both had the one for collecting the electronics on the bridge or whatever it was. So we both did that one while we were on the bridge and he knocked out "A Survivor's Guide To Zombieland." So now when I play a game, I see the icon for Neil on my map but the barge and Neil are not there. I joined another person's game that had picked up but not yet done the quest. The barge and Neil are there but there is no exclamation for me to get the quest. So I had him leave the game and as soon as he does the barge disappears, I'm in the water, and the exclamation is back. I ahve no way to do the quest unless I can find somebody else that hasn't yet picked it up and join their game. I can't believe since co-op is billed to be a big part of the game that the quests chupacabra wasn't ironed out better. This is frustrating.
  11. JackBileDuct

    Neil At The Dock Is Glitched

    This is on the Ps4. Had joined another friend's game and I believe he was doing the quests Neil gives. I went to the house with him and gave a bottle of alcohol but that was all I did. After he logged, I had closed and restarted the game as some quests like Dulse weren't there when I was in my friend's game as he'd already done it. When he logged, the quest reappeared but there was no Dulse in the lake. So I had restarted. After doing that one, I was looking for exclamations on the map and notcied Neil's. When I go down to the dock, part of the map isn't there. The section Neil is in is just water and he isn't there. On the map, it looks like a square section of the dock with a building or two and Neil but nothing is there. If I swim out in the water to where the exclamation is, I get the up arrow indicating it is above me if I'm under water.