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  1. JasonAlaska

    Companion App Not Sending Items

    I am having this bug since 2/3/15. I'm plying on PC with the app on iPhone and Android. It connected and worked initaly but after 5-6 loot transfers it stopped. I was able to retrieve loot drops from the Quartermasterafterr transferring it from the app to the game. Now I get indications that there is a loot drop ready but when I go to Quartermaster's. My scouts goodies from the app are not there. I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thanks!
  2. I've been playing Dying Light for about a week and purchased a Roccat Isku FX keyboard with my Alienware computer. I installed the keyboard and launched Dying Light and it crashes with an error "Dying Light has stopped working" Simply unplugging the keyboard fixes the issue but if I plug it back in after launching Dying Light it crashes again. The keyboard works great for everything else and only Dying Light gives it an issue. I suspect because of the Alienware FX implementation which is AWESOME in Dying Light on my PC! I have tried every USB port and even tried a USB hub. Dying Light crashes every time. Any help is greatly accepted! Thanks! -Jason-