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  1. warning: slight spoiler Hello, Apparently the save issue still persist... I did go through level 7 again, and it said 'saved', took me to the next level 8 coffin, awoke, and credits... afterwards it still had level 8 locked... [again, i does not say coming soon, and I was supposed to stay in the room.] Am I to understand that this is not the same bug addressed as brought up in my other thread? As I understood 7 wouldn't have to be played again. [8 must be an 'illusion'] Thank you
  2. Thank you... that is great to know! - D
  3. Tried to reach the devs about this, off-line, but the email form apparently does not work. [blank page after sending.] Either way... [spoiler] I have 'beat' the game three times. 1: 1a: After freeing the wizard I was taken to a tomb, released and saw my body on the bed resting... ... end scene... credit roll. 1b: There was only one button, "BACK". When I hit 'back' I had to start the whole level 7 again - [but there is already a level 8 that apparently is ready to be unlocked. After all, it does not say, "coming soon" like the others.] 2: No problem, I will just go through and not hit 'back'. Surely there is no more to the game and if I let credits roll, it will be ready when the next parts come out. [After all, why did I come out of a saved spot 'tomb' at the end, in a new location - if I have to repeat level 7... after credit rolls?] Nope... Rinse and repeat... 3: So, I figured... one last time, seeing I have to do it again when the next parts come out... BUT... This time, I will stop after getting the key and before rescuing the wizard. Nope... It wants me to start again... at the beginning of level 7, seriously... so when the updates come out I have to play it for the fourth time??? What is the level 8, which is locked, but does not say, "coming soon"??? Why can't it remember one of the key saved points after shutting off? Why bother with level 7 then? Totally not cool... very disappointing, and I tried to write the devs to see if they would respond with a fix/update before giving a review on the iTunes store. There are minor 'hiccups' in the game, but this is disappointing... * One other thing - I did not even want to save the wizard... seemed like a guy that would do - what he did at the end. Maybe that is the issue, there is another path? But if so... why roll credits instead of just putting me back in the nearest tomb/save? Anyway... something is bugged, and I truly hope it is fixed... and that I don't have to play with throwing that eyeball up anymore at the end. Best Regards, Day