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  1. proudy07

    Ps4 Eu Patches?

    i am still confused how there is no patch 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04 for Europe if the game released via digital download on 27/01/15, i have investigated further, i went on PSNPROFILES.COM and checked the whole story trophy, there are achievers from Europe on the list (France and Germany) I have checked the update history and it says the patch installed is 1.01 and i have checked the check for update option. Maybe Sony is the one to blame by not having the patch updates available untill the hard copy is released on the 27/02/15? doesn't explain why there was a patch 1.01 tho
  2. proudy07

    Ps4 Eu Patches?

    Yeah you say that BUT this was on the site, there are people with this trophy on my friends list
  3. its rage quitting, i played a multiplayer game and there were 4 of us playing a quest at night then the HUNTER INVASION came up on the screen, we managed to clear two nests then the guy playing as the hunter quit without any kills, now it may have had something to do with us all having UV flashlights and all players packing machine guns, pistols and shotguns OR maybe the hunter was a noob that hates losing? doesn't matter what game it is Dying Light, Battlefield, Fifa or Drive Club you will always find people quitting because there losing
  4. THAT DLC IS RUBBISH, was excited when i heard there was a DLC for dying light in the store, downloaded it............... 2 new quarantine zones? ;-/ seriously????
  5. proudy07

    Ps4 Eu Patches?

    Hi, i live in the UK and purchased Dying Light day one digital download (27/01/15). Had the horrible trophy glitches and with NUMEROUS play throughs i have managed to unlock all trophy"s EXCEPT The Whole Story? now i went on to Google and searched Dying Light trophy fix and managed to find a post in saying........ This trophy is completely glitched unless you have patch 1.04 installed. Now i checked the update history on my PS4 for Dying Light and it says Patch 1.01 and no new updates are available? what's going on?
  6. proudy07

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    I didn't get safehouse trophy after unlocking all the red ones on the maps, decided to play NG+ and played all the story till I unlocked the old town, now I unlocked all the safe houses in the slums before going to the old town .......... I unlocked 2 in the old town then the trophy popped? I have all the collectibles required but the trophy never popped. I have played ALL available side missions and the trophy never popped, did all side missions on first play through and again on NG+, the trophy description says complete all side missions but does that include challenges? There is a seperatee trophy for completing a certain amount of challenges so I assume its just side quests? I am royally pissed with these trophy glitches, I should only need one more trophy for the platinum BUT now I have to start a fresh game to get the collectable trophy! I hope Techland fix The Whole Story trophy so you can get it by replaying a chapter and doing any side mission OR doing a mission in CO-OP?
  7. proudy07

    Falling Through Map!?!

    I have had a few problems falling through the map while playing in the slums. During the night while being chased, trying to slide through the small opening surrounded by spikes, if I slide through at an angle then I fall straight through the map and die? Really annoying when you lose points when your trying to trying to level up
  8. proudy07

    Trophy Bug

    I have the same problem, all 67 collected and no trophy popped, finished the game on the 31/1/2015, all side quests completed (no explanation marks on any map) and no trophy popped. Its the online/multiplayer that's done it? Well I think that's the problem. I remember finding a few collectables after joining somebodys game, that probably what glitched the collectable trophy and doing missions on somebody else's game has glitched the whole story trophy. I am really annoyed, I will probably have to start a fresh game to do the collectables, I have started the NG+ but all your stats are saved over
  9. proudy07

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    Kinda annoyed......... Finished this AWESOME game on the 31/01/2015, noticed THE WHOLE STORY and NOW ITS SAFE trophy was still locked, spent until now running around the map to see if there's any hidden safe zones which may hold missions and.......... NOPE. Decided to use the collectable guides on YouTube to find all collectables so I could get the ITS ALL IN THE WRITING trophy, spent at least three hours running around the game and got the final 67th collectable........ And no trophy. I absolutely love this game BUT I don't fancy starting it again to try and get these trophy's, I remember having an online session and finding collectables and doing safe zones on another persons game, maybe that's why these trophy's have glitches out