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  1. cheatllwin

    Need Help Leveling My Night Hunter (Ps4)

    Just trade in the game at gamestop and pre-order a real pvp game
  2. cheatllwin

    Dev Request: Detailed ~Be The Zombie~ Patch Review

    quarantine zone was a joke, I killed 30 zombies opened 5 'new GRE crates' and it ended. Haven't purchased DLC , someone convince me this game might still be worth playing
  3. cheatllwin

    Dev Request: Detailed ~Be The Zombie~ Patch Review

    I can't find a game, most survivors playing bozak are not invaded because btz is different right??? This 'patch' was way to late even if they offer it "FREE"...
  5. cheatllwin

    Be The Zombie Mode Need A Fix..

    Speed booster + Camo wins most of my Survivor matches. But it's only effective after I kill off the Night Hunter. His re-spawn time allows First nest to be destroyed and distance to next (about 200m) has already been reached and set with flares.
  6. cheatllwin

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Strange ENDING
  7. cheatllwin

    Cheaters In Btz

    just a different game where rank system was given real thought, not going to post it here
  8. cheatllwin

    Cheaters In Btz

    haha MKX has 'Quitality' for this type of Loss
  9. cheatllwin

    Problems With The Hunter

    I could care less about the balancing at this point unless it helps me find games quicker. Let's be real, it's not lack of Hunters searching. it's lack of people allowing invasion. They didn't turn it off because the Hunter is so easy to defeat, they're bored with the mode. The concept just lacks incentive. I quit till a patch or the DLC comes but I highly doubt it helps this Game Mode. Not Dying Light as a whole
  10. cheatllwin

    Problems With The Hunter

    such a broken mechanic on that DFA kill, already fell yet hit at sideways angle as Hunter had jumped higher. Then the drop kick angle was no where near the spike was readjusted on the last kill
  11. cheatllwin

    Goodbye Techland And Goodluck

    U the guy that never posted a single video or screen @_@
  12. cheatllwin

    Post Your Btz Matches! Feed me more
  13. cheatllwin

    I'm Now 100% Sure The Hunter Isn't Strong Enough

    cuz <1% of the online players come to read your post @_@
  14. cheatllwin

    Ranks List?

    If they had a plan for strong multi pvp a public Rank system should have been implemented day 1, instead this game failed after the story ends and the proof is in the very first DLC.(didn't add chupacabra) 3-4 months from now not even die hard will find interest in continuing playing for nothing.
  15. cheatllwin

    Problems With The Hunter

    Ever notice when your Hunter side and use a ground pound on the breakable roofs, you can hear Virals screaming ready to break out but they never come. Given Humans can use their environment to survive like blowing up Gas tanks and setting car traps. Hunters need some tool like this to generate more opportunities for reckless / aggressive offense.