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  1. So only really one so far from what I know about the game. 


    - The longer you stay in the dark the more your infection rises. Once it reaches its peak GAME OVER MAN


    So yeah, this sounds scarily like FAR CRY 2’s malaria tablets. 

    It sounds like all it will amount to in effect is a time limit when in the dark? I hate time limits, I value playing games at my own pace... Darkness is where this games atmosphere will hot fever pitch. I look forward to those moments. But not if there’s a time limit !

    It sounds like it could get annoying ....?

  2. You know one thing that I've never understood is why the heavy wepons have one attack animation.


    Heavy weapons like the Fire Axe always had lots of attack animations in Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide.


    It's something I've never understood, they had the assets, they already had the animations from previous titles, why not include those and recycle the animations for Dying Light as well? It's seems weird because they did that for the other weapons.....?



    It's a bizarre design choice I've always wondered about, and that it has a negative impact on the gameplay. Subsequently, I don't know about anyone else but I literally never use heavy weapons in Dying Light, because they are so boring to use, having only one base attack animation (apart from the 2 special moves). They're just boring to use. It's a shame because in Dead Island one of my favourite weapons was the Fire Axe...


    How do you guys else feel about this?



    I love that there's loads of Virals and even normal zombies change into Virals during the day!!


    Because it's so much fun when you're under pressure, chased down by a pack of zombies.


    I love that zombies take some serious punishment before they go down. I almost would like a mode where anything less than a head shot or cutting the head off will kill zombies....



    This game is such a kick a$$ game. Bravo Techland Bravo!!

  4. I driving around like a lunatic and I'm playing on Nighmare mode... And I've broken most of the cars engine, suspension, and all I've really noticed is a very slight reduction in speed..



    It's far too forgiving....




    I wanna break down, with the buggy chug chug chug to a stop and then I have to hike it to a local farm house looting for parts and gas....


    Plus your buggy takes no damage at night??? Even on Nightmare mode?? I don't agree with this.

  5. No, no ice cream in the controller lol. Frequency is the wrong word. The game specifically states they respond to sound though and having one pop up while standing goes against that. As for frame rate, this is on ps4 and the frame rate is everywhere. Ranging from way above thirty down to below thirty in an instant. Stability would be a preferred option.

    No we want runners in the mix.... Yes they respond to sound but sometimes there just, I guess hunting.... No we definitely don't want to cut down on them at all.... This game needs to have that sense that it is dangerous to leave the safe zones

  6. Techland so need to tweak the AI of the human enemies.... Stealth is almost impossible.



    It would be so easy to dial down there vision radius and tweak the Ai to something more realistic. It just feels unfair at present.



    Once Ai enemies go into ALERT mode they simply KNOW where you are in a cheating computer game kinda way....

    It makes it not fun, and given that there's so much emphasis on fighting Bandits in the Following, this problem become far more pronounced than the base game.


    Also I've noticed enemies just focus on you both Bandits and Zombies. They don't attack each as much.. Where as in the base game, you could lead a load of vitals into a base of bandits and they would start fighting!

    This Bandit fell off the wall of the compound and was trying to attack me, but the zombies that were around him didn't attack him but simply focused on me...

  7. No I like Nightmare mode fine....


    It's simply the human enemies are NOT realistic.... I shoot a guy in the heat with a bucket of with an arrow he SHOULD die.... Period.

    From the footage I've seen - they do in the Following..... One shot to the head from the crossbow.



    I mean I've seen bandits have a fire fight with Night time Volatiles and it took ages for the Volatiles to kill them..........?

    It just isn't consistent with the rest of the game....

  8. All I can say is firstly it's needs patching!! And secondly thank goodness I didn't have grind through Bozak Horde to get it - I bought it in a shop thanks to the update!!!



    But it's damage and range needs to be increased for it to be a viable stealth weapon!


    I mean it's actually a rubbish weapon..... Which I'm assuming is not Techlands intention?? Even a straight shot to the head doesn't kill anything.... So what's the point??? I mean I'm shooting about 8 arrows into a zombies head before it goes down... Same with human enemies...


    What's the point?


    Please Techland fix this......

  9. Now I am with the folks that still feel it should be tweaked a bit more, and it's not perfect. I would have like a option menu like Far Cry to turn off or on what I wanted...




    I have to say the stamina, the fact that the zombies can take a lot to kill - the harsh penalty for death losing all XP etc.... For the very first time I felt the thrill of finally breaking a sweat, feeling like I was truly trying to survive, and brilliantly..... Finally...... Actually finding myself running away from zombies.... First time!!


    Thanks to Nightmare Mode - I'm finally getting the experience I craved since this game came out!! SURVIVAL !!!


    It really has changed the game .....



    Oh and THANK YOU that ammo is now purchasable in shops!!!! Ahhhhhhhh.... I like to vary the combat by playing with guns! And finding ammo on HARD MODE was Just impossible!!!! How many Police vans did I loot to find NO ammo... Rubbish!

    Maybe make ammo a bit more expensive?



    On a side note tho --- //

    I just wish they would tweak the bandit AI which is simply ridiculous... They can take inhuman amounts of punishment, bullet or arrow to the head, surging being dropped kicked off a 3story building!! It's needs to be updated...