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  1. I've just finished the Pit mission... And I thought I'd check how many story missions are there, as it feels early on by my count of story missions but the vibe of the mission almost seem like a mission you would see toward the end of the game.... So I looked, and was shocked... There's a total of 14 story missions! That seems kinda short to me, given I've hardly touched the story and have been mostly doing side missions and mucking about. It's only that a lot of the reviews said it was a massive 20-30hr game?? I'm not complaining, the game is jam packed with mostly interesting side missions. And to be honest the game is fantastic. I've been so impressed with it... My only problem is I've been playing with my friend, and I'm not sure he gets this type of game. He just keeps sprinting to 'the next mission objective', bypassing the zombies altogether... He's hungry for when the action ramps up or the game throws a lot of enemies at you I guess... And it got me thinking that unfortunately for better or worse Dying light is one of those games that makes fighting the enemies mostly optional. Are there later missions where there's alot of virals thrown at you? The mission where you have to set the explosives in the infected nest was great it was a pity that the time limit was so short.... Is there any more missions like this? Without the time limit!
  2. Most of all - I really hope the New Hard Mode is customisable... Because it could very easily include modifications that perhaps I wouldnt want in a Hard Mode... I want a list of options to turn on or off. I want, - option to turn off mini map - esp at night, where it makes it easier to avoid Volatiles!! - more aggressive zombies - packs of up to 10 (or more?) Virals swarming you if you make loud noises - earlier introduction of harder zombie types, baby screamers and demolishers! - less loot and items. - less safe zones? I still want guns tho, and the ability to buy ammo! NB : it's the day time that needs the difficulty ramped up more...
  3. Chk this - it shows a Mod 'Super Aggressive Zombies' Looks wicked... I'm playing on Xbox one... This is definately something I would like to see - with some balancing of course... I wouldn't want an endless/infinite number of zombies spawning, there would need to be a lull, if you stopped making loud noise or hid/relocated... Etc
  4. Lamoi

    Hard Mode And More Skins Coming Soon For Free

    Hard mode first details -
  5. Lamoi

    Hard Mode And More Skins Coming Soon For Free

    I do hope that it's a list on options you can turn or off.... That would be great... Too be honest folks - I'm playing on XBOX ONE and I've not really experienced any performance issues or significant bugs of glitches... I feel sorry for you guys that have... The only one that was I've seen that affected gameplay was with a hostage we couldn't free as Rais's men escaped but then would not allow me and my buddy to cut him loose... ??
  6. Really??? AWESOME !!! Please PLEASE - an option to turn off the mini- map!!!! Or simply VOLATILES and there vision cones do not appear on the radar/mini map... Let's face it, not being able to see where Volatiles are on the map anymore would be a game changer for the night!!!
  7. Lamoi

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    To be honest the season pass sounded a bit rubbish... A horde mode? Doesn't interest me... I just want the outfits... And more missions... So I bought cargo and cuisine... But now I'm hearing these 2 mission are chupacabra? GIVE ANOTHER EXPANSION PACK LIKE RIPTIDE... I love this game, I'm just hungry for more content and a HARDCORE MODE difficulty setting!!
  8. I mean I just did the mission 'Higher Education' and all it consisted of was goin to talk to a guy half way across old town, then over the radio you get told to come back...... And watch a cutscene.... Then boom mission complete??? I'm now on 'Public Face' mission.... Again, there's only 14 Story missions, In the entire game. Not being funny, as much as I love this game (I really do), I reckon you could probably complete the story alone in hours..... Which is a bit lacklustre...
  9. One idea that I saw on another forum would be to increase the number of virals ... 'Each time you start a new game + more infected become virals. So say after you start a new game + 20% of all normal zombies will now be virals. If you choose to do new game + again, it increases to 40% of all normal zombies are virals and so forth.' That sounded like a great idea! Probably easy to implement. That together with the option to turn off the mini map would be great...
  10. Anyone else think the actual story campaign is kinda short... Certainly in contrast with Dead Island which was maybe too long! Lol
  11. More rain!! Ha ! Me too... It doesn't rain enough in this game... And it's so cool when it does!! But your list is great!! It lists pretty much all the stuff I'd thought of... Definately having an option to turn off the mini map! Especially at night! You wanted to turn off survivor sense, which I would partly agree with, in terms of looting a room, searching it yourself without it guiding you to where all the items are, and also giving you the ability to 'sense' where the Volatiles are. However, the survivor sense has on more than one occasion helped me find my weapon that I threw at an enemy and missed or there was an explosion that sent it flying off... In Dead Island I was constantly loosing weapons. Dying light allows me to find my weapons using Survivor Sense. Which is very helpful. BUT - I think any HARDCORE MODE for this game should be a large list of stuff that you can turn on or off (like you say) so you can customise your ideal hardcore mode. Kind of like THIEF 4... It has a list of options you can turn on or off, to tailor the experience. That's really important! Because I might want some things in my hardcore mode but not others... For example I like to use guns, and the ability to buy ammo for them... I don't want that restricted. I think fine tuning a hardcore mode is a delicate balance. For example, having Malaria in Far Cry 2 was just annoyingly frustrating, it wasn't fun. And I saw your idea about becoming infected and needing to find antizen.... Whilst the idea sounds interesting, I'm sure it would end up just being annoying like the malaria in Far Cry 2.... Also it would ultimately introduce, in effect, a 'time limit' to the experience... It would get annoying !
  12. Lamoi

    Wtf Season Pass Question.

    Can someone tell me what you get in the season pass... I like the dlc outfits... But is the single player content worth the 20 bucks!!??!!
  13. Yeah I thought of that - I think the game currently actually handles the virals very well at present... Make some noise and the do come running.... Consistently make some noise, as I like to do sometimes, for fun, and more come running.... But kill them all (even using guns!) and there is a lull.... The smoke clears and you won that little skirmish... And there's some down time. And as long as you don't keep making noise they'll stop. Which I think bravo to Techland, as they could have got the balance wrong there and they keep coming.. My point here is about numbers. I would simply like, when they do come, to be more of them. The thrill of seeing a whole rabble of those things running down the street towards you (Left 4 Dead style) would be fantastic!! I'm thinking maybe 8 - 10 Virals..... State of Decay is good - in breakdown mode - every successive 'breakdown level you get to, more of the standard zombies in the game world become 'runners' rather than 'walkers' .... And it does work! You just have to be more careful!
  14. Lamoi

    If I Could Make Changes In Dying Light

    Definately agree - should of had the option to make a 'choice' in pivotal story missions. New game plus ??? No way!! I thought there was a new game plus.... Majeic or whatever his name was, the lead designer for dying light - he did say that there would be a new game plus bcos you would not be able to max out your character on one play-through... He said that! The video is on YouTube! That sucks.. Well that needs to be DLC.... I don't just want to get to have my decent weapons at the end of the game!! I have a Katana now... Dammit!!! RELIEF !!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!! I understand what your saying. However the shield allows you to block and parry when timed right... It also lets you block spitter bile! Which is pretty nifty!!
  15. Lamoi

    Where Is The Screamer?

    Do they appear randomly in the game world once introduced in the story?? Like other special infected types??
  16. I think having options to customise the HUD would suit everyone. I personally would love to see an option to turn the mini map off.... Especially to make the night time feel a bit more tense... Having the Volatiles cone of vision shown on the mini - map is fine but I personally feel like it's a bit of a cheat. I would like the option to turn it off if I want...
  17. Yeah this is concerning... I haven't seen this yet - I'm only level 11.... But please Techland - do something about this, as it would be great to have the variety of weapons at the higher levels... Why would you not keep adding to the selection or weapons? Why limit the choice? This could easily be fixed surely....?
  18. Would be great if they included takedown and execution moves with the weapon your holding! Like a knife or baseball bat...
  19. Lamoi

    Restart Supply Drops

    Yeah be good if you could get different stuff sometimes in the drops like ammo or weapon weapons, guns etc
  20. How do other people make modifications to their challenge level....? 1) To begin with the obvious - I don't upgrade any health skills nor skills that enable you to take more punishment. 2) I peridically to a clear out of items, as if you explore and scavenge like me then it's not long before you have loads of several types of crafting items and parts.... I don't upgrade skills that enable you to make more items with less parts.. 3) I allow myself a total of 3 Medpacks when venturing out, or none, having to scavenge for items on the fly (sometimes more fun and ... Tense!) 4) I also limited the amount of safe houses I can unlock, maybe a total of two. To make choosing a location a bit more strategical.... And also making death a bit more punishing. How you guys ramp up the challenge?
  21. I've encountered a glitch whereby my death was not resulting in a loss of XP.....? Happened during online co-op... Then a couple of times in single player? Anyone else encountered this?
  22. Lamoi

    Death Not Affecting Xp

    I think safe houses shouldn't just be about clearing out zombies but also finding and collecting enough materials to unlock them or rather make them new safe zones... So then you would be more picky about choosing perhaps strategical locations... I think I definately like to see a little more State of Decay in Dying Light....
  23. Lamoi

    Death Not Affecting Xp

    This is annoying as I actually like the penalty for death it increases the tension!