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    Diversity In Guns

    Also - orange, purple, blue, green guns..... The stats are identical???? So what's the point of spending cash on a legendary gun???
  2. That's gamers the world over buddy
  3. Lamoi

    Diversity In Guns

    Crossbows and Bows would be cool... However like Ive said before, I see a lot of people asking for a silencer... However I think they should not include a silencer/or silenced weapon in the game as it currently is. IT WOULD MAKE THE GAME SO DAMN EASY IT WOULD MAKE PLAYING POINTLESS! In STATE OF DECAY .... Silencers mean the difference between Survival and Death!! Given death is Permanent! You let a shot off, it literally alerts every zombie in almost half a mile radius! Plus you have limited stamina before your the character needs too rest, so shooting a gun can sometimes be a death sentence! In Dying Light a silencer would give an easy game a God mode! I agree actually... Maybe some old WWII weapons.... Some old hunting rifles, bolt action...?
  4. I really hope Techland arnt just going to focus on the night time difficulty as it's the day time game play that is way too easy!!!
  5. Lamoi

    No Hud Option In The Future Patch ?

    For me the biggest reason is being able to see the Volatiles and their vision cones.... It makes the night a lot easier! If this could be a option to turn off for HARD MODE....!!
  6. You know I can think of some generic ones... That could go into the game 1) CLEAR OUT INFECTED. Such an obvious mission type to do!! I really feel the the DLC mission Cargo (altho pretty lacklustre DLC) should have been a prevalent side mission type in the main game. I feel Techland, in terms of mission variety, missed a trick with this not having this kind of mission type! Missions that have the player clear out an area of infected are always fun, and what's more are easy to create!! Examples could have been - CLEAR OUT HOSPITAL - So survivors can then go in and scavenge for medical supplies. - CLEAR OUT SUPER MARKET - So survivors can then go in and scavenge for Food supplies Etc... These type of missions could of buffed out the side quests a bit! Plus a lot of the missions didn't force you to fight the infected. Whilst I like having the option to fight or find another way around, I think sometimes Techland should have forced us! There were far too many mission where you could simply bypass all the zombies altogether, which made the game sometime a bit easy. It should have been like you go up against a Demolisher, and you have to fight him and kill him as he's holding say a key for a door or a item that you need! Forcing you to fight in some scenarios would have been good for the games challenge. As what's the point of having challenging enemies if you don't need to fight them?!!! 2) Another mission type HUNT. A mission request via other Survivors. There maybe be a mission to take out a particularly troublesome special infected like a Demolisher or or say 1 Volatile hold up in some dark spooky tunnels. Or even you could have some contracts to take out one of Rais's lieutenants? Some more mission types slightly less generic. 1) FOOD SUPPLIES. This mission would see you have to go to a supermarket, or gas station to retrieve a 'bag of food'. One you picked up the bag it would hinder your ability to climb. You could still sprint but for much shorter durations. Of course at anytime you could put the bag down, say if you wanted to scout out the area your moving through or take out some trouble some zombies. In co-op you could have your buddy do this for you whilst you kept moving with the food bag strapped to you. 2) RESCUE. This mission would work in a similar way, except instead of a food bag, you would find a kid trapped, who needed rescuing and brought back to the tower. More caution would be need getting the kid back to the tower as if you put the kid down, wherever you leave the kid she would be at risk of zombie attack and being killed. So if you need to put her down to kill zombies blocking your oath or scout ahead, you would need to find a safe place to leave her, perhaps behind the counter in a store, or in a house where you can shut the door? I think these kinds of missions wouldn't be too difficult to implement. And would give the game some variation. Also maybe a few more missions that would have the same design philosophy as 'Mothers Day' .... Getting into Gazi's house took me a while to figure out, and it really utilised the climbing mechanics to excellent effect which created a kind of puzzle to figure out. There was a real sense of satisfaction when you finally worked out how to get on top of his roof by climbing via the pipes under the Bridge passover. Another standout Side quest for me was the mission where you had to recover journalists camera in the back of his black car, on the bridge! When his car alarm went off, and The zombies started swarming you and then his car falls off the bridge and into the ocean! And the fact that you could then dive off the bridge into the ocean, swim down to the car open the trunk to get his camera out, was great moment. And it felt dynamic! Its a shame they couldn't have been more like that one. What do you think guys? Anyone else has any ideas of missions? Perhaps ideas that could be realistically be added/implemented to the game??
  7. I understand. But there are way too many missions where they put a load of enemies between you and your objective, with I suppose the thinking that it would be difficult... But when you can just run past them all..... It's a bit anti climatic and a bit easy... I'm all for having open ended missions, giving players a choice of how to play. But it just started making things a bit too easy and I was completing missions very quickly.
  8. What do peeps think.....?
  9. Lamoi

    Missed Oppertunities

    I think having depleting resources as a background mechanic really works to breath life into a game, especially when you have maxed out your character, and reasons to go out scavenging have become slightly obsolete. It sounds mundane, but honestly I think that was one of the genius core elements of what made STATE OF DECAY so addictive... Ever depleting resources! It would give you a continual reason to keep playing, to keep going out to scavenge... Dying light should consider this as a gameplay mechanic. Because a game about survival, is really fun!!
  10. Lamoi

    Old Town Sucks

    I really like old town... It was a nice contrast to the slums... I personally would like to see a city area, like New York.. Or woodland farm areas??
  11. Lamoi

    No More Baseball Bats?

    Totally agree - I find that if you go to the quarter master he gives knives for free sometimes.. But baseball bats are such a classic weapon! They need to have them still available. I think every weapon should still be available! Why not just offer the whole selection?? kept a supply ofknives from my first play through
  12. Lamoi

    Missed Oppertunities

    I think really - if they made this game a bit more like STATE OF DECAY, it would be great... I definately think my idea about food supply run missions would be good... That the Tower Survivors have a Stock of Food Supply, which over time depletes... Therefore you have to make food supply runs. You could perhaps then find food in air drops aswell as places like super-markets or warehouses. Food supply levels would effect things like trade and overall stamina level. - trade would see a reduction in items available to buy. - the players overall stamina max level will be reduced...
  13. Lamoi

    Missed Oppertunities

    Firstly... STEALTH - Stealth is possible. There's the neck break... The Zeds can see ur torch light.. Also bizarrely, BITERS seem to be more sensitive to torch light than VOLATILES........ Which is weird! I crept up on quite a few biters, but they do become aware if u get too close sometimes, so you have to be swift in taking them down.. And with the neck break. It's virtually the only silent attack in the game. Virals? I've only stealth killed a few via stealth (neck break) they're too bloody twitchy and unpredictable to really sneak up on them.... Plus there's the Camo skill, where u can roll in zombie blood making you temporarily invisible to them... Which is fairly useful! But yeah if you kill a zombie in open combat - that's noise... The game considers that noise, period, even if it's in the next room! But I've used stealth a number of times to avoid (not kill) the more dangerous zombie types. SILENCER - I see a lot of people asking for a silencer... Here's why I DONT think they should include a silencer in the game as it currently is. IT WOULD MAKE THE GAME SO DAMN EASY IT WOULD MAKE PLAYING POINTLESS! In STATE OF DECAY .... Silencers mean the difference between Survival and Death!! Given death is Permanent! You let a shot off, it literally alerts every zombie in almost half a mile radius! Plus you have limited stamina before your the character needs too rest, so shooting a gun can sometimes be a death sentence! In Dying Light a silencer would give an easy game a God mode! But agree about some of the other stuff... It would be good if they could randomise some of the air drops.. So yes, like military items, rare items... Etc... Esp on NG+ - when earning survival points is no longer really needed and therefore makes drops a bit pointless ...
  14. FOOD SUPPLY MISSION - they could also link in to a total STOCK level of food back at the Tower. If food stocks reach low levels, it could affect say trade at the shops. More food means more survivors wanting to trade with your community, which means more items in stock to buy.... The food supplies could also be got from air drops... Also having low food stocks, would result in lower max stamina level!
  15. im reading some of the complaints about this game - and have to say, I have little sympathy... Now I'm not talking about Game breaking glitches, or corrupt save files. That's is one thing. That's fair enough. I could understand someone being really angry about that. But, No fast travel....? Or the games too hard? The jump button mapped to R1? Seriously? Firstly, no FAST TRAVEL - That's deliberate folks. It's called DYING LIGHT for a reason - this is not simply a day and night cycle in an open world, this is an actual gameplay mechanic! If people don't get that, then this game is maybe not for you. It's meant to make you actually be aware of the the time of day, it's meant to build tension, it wants to create a sense of risk, and reward. It changes the way exploring and how missions play out dynamically, forcing you to rethink your tactics or plans on the fly. The further you explore away from a safe zone, the greater the risk of being caught out after dark! It gives a sense of urgency, when the light starts to die. You might be trapped. It might be too dangerous to move. You might have to find a place to to lay low and wait for sun up! Sun Rise can also bring that sense of relief... You can breath a little easier..... Subsequently, this gameplay mechanic creates scenarios that otherwise would be lost if you had 'fast travel'.... It's the whole concept of the game right there!! THE GAMES TOO HARD - I understand everyone has different playing ability... Which is fair enough. But still, I'm like, seriously?? Once you level up in this game it's pretty much a breeze. Even at the beginning of the game, I played methodically and sensibly and didn't find too much challenge, as the game rarely blocks opportunities to run away (if all else fails!!)
  16. I agree... Thats why I loved perma death in state of decay... If there's no decent penalty for death it simply suck all the tension or potential for tension out of the gameplay!!
  17. Obviously I've noticed a few posts by people complaining their experience of Dying light has been ruined by bugs or glitches... Out of interest what platforms are people experiencing problems? Because I'm playing XBOXONE and the experience has been impressively solid, haven't experienced any game breaking or significant bugs or glitches... Feel sorry for folks that have. But are most of the problem on PC, PS4?
  18. Yeah I'm playing on XBOX ONE.... Nil problems really.... About 55hrs playtime (apparently!)
  19. Lamoi

    Dying Light May Have Just Been Ruined For Me

    Sounds like PC and PS4.... I'm playing XboxOne...... It's rock solid, no issues.... On second play through NG+..... I really feel for you peeps.... It's such a great game. Shame it's being ruined for some of you!! One idea - if some of you bought the game digitally, esp on console, I find a complete reinstall (first wiping all game data completely including saves. I find this usually works.
  20. Lamoi

    Are All The Dlcs Announced Already?

    It did feel really short in contrast to Dead island... I never completed dead island it was so damn long!!
  21. Lamoi

    Hard Mode And More Skins Coming Soon For Free

    I just hop the have an option to either turn off the mini-map altogether or that Volatiles do not appear on your mini-map,nor the cones of vision.. I also hope they make the zombies during the day more aggressive... Greater number of Virals chasing you... Simply increasing the zombies health would just get boring, sitting there wailing on one zombie for ages... There simply needs to be more pressure to be stealthy during the day! As day time is too easy..
  22. Lamoi

    Feedback On Dl

    As for the story it was misjudged.... You only need to look at Walking Dead to realise you don't need evil villains screaming 'CRAAAAAAAANE!!!!!!!' to make a compelling story... People trying to survive and getting desperate, loosing hope and turning on each other makes a far more interesting tale.... As Walking Dead has proven. When the story is simply just about the survivors trying to survive, it's far more palatable.... And that triply dream sequence!!! Oh brother... It was like the Dev team played Far Cry 3 and thought how can we stick that in our game?? It just felt forced... Some of the side quest story's were far far better! Rais was so over the top it felt like spoof, when he just randomly shoots his own men... Hilarious.. The voice acting was reasonably good, but the story and some of the dialog was just not good. But the gameplay... Even if some of the mission were a bit duff, Techland have created such a living and compelling world, with fantastic gameplay systems that even a simple fetch quest can turn into something much more dynamic and worthy if it's own tale! On pure gameplay merit - I think Dying Light is truly unique, and one of the best open world games I've played .... Now if they can get there mission design and story telling up to the same standard of the world building and gameplay systems, then Dying Light 2.0 will be worthy of greatness.....
  23. Lamoi

    Feedback On Dl

    QTE ..... The infamous Quick Time Event.. Why so many Dev's love them is beyond me. The wicker they understand that we all freakin hate them, the better. The comments about the climbing ... Mmm well, I think the mechanics are solid... And being forced to figure out how to climb up something or how to get to your objective using climbing, I really like that.. I thought there should have been more implementation of necessary climbing.. A good example of forcing you to use climbing and dare I say the players brain was the Mothers Day side mission.. Getting to Gazi's roof was a really satisfying climbing puzzle... If there was only more missions that implemented the climbing in that way...
  24. I mean there tissue should be worth at least $500 - $1000 ! I mean $200 ?? What's the point in going through the hassle of getting it.... I understand the value of using as a poison but you should be able to sell it at a higher price, considering (bizarrely) there does seem to be a lot of paid employment in this game.... I have to resort to selling unwanted weapons, looting coffee and cigarettes to make my money... Don't get me wrong I like having to earn the cash to buy the cool weapons - it gives you something to work towards... But still......