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    New Hard Mode - What's Changed?

    Although this had been updated across all mode I'm sure... - Much greater weapon variety at higher levels! Baseball bats are back!!!!!
  2. Lamoi

    New Hard Mode - What's Changed?

    I'm playing on new game plus.... Considering starting a brand new game!
  3. Now don't get me wrong - I love shuffling, crawling, stumbling, slow moving zombies; with their outstretched arms trying to grab me and chew my face off! Yes I love them as much as the next man, let's face it, they are the classic Zombie archetype. And also let me take some time to say what a frankly underrated game Dying light truly is, I felt some of the reviews were almost suspiciously harsh, and didn't give DL due praise. It's not perfect but it is easily one of the best games I've ever played. It's a sublime game that gets a lot very right (and a few things wrong as well). Especially in the area of creating a sense of fear and survival. Buts this experience that I feel maybe isn't tapped as much as it could be. Having played Dying Light now, for quite a bit longer than I dare to admit, it did start me thinking about where the experience is at it's best and where it's falling short of what it could be. For me one of the core things that I think many will agree on is it's at it's best when the sense of vulnerability and danger are real. When caution and stealth are not just an option but a necessity. When you and your buddy have woken up the hornets nest and are backed into a corner fighting for survival. So with that in mind, I was roaming Harran today ( during day time / in the game) and one question kept niggling at me - do slow moving zombies actually work in wide open / sandbox environments? We've all played or are aware of Resident Evil I'm sure, where slow moving zombies are front and centre. Now the difference here is that in linear, or small tightly packed environments the 'classic' slow moving zombie do still present a significant threat as there's much less opportunity to avoid them when navigating small narrow corridors and rooms for example. But this threat is eradicated in the open world environment. When there is so much room to maneuver, slow moving zombies simply cease to be a genuine threat.... Roaming the world by day is a relatively stress free endeavour - and it should not be! There are two solutions as I see for the open world zombie game. 1) the world is populated (predominately) by zombies that are the kind from 28 Days later or World War Z ( i.e Viral types) 2) or you go the State of Decay route, where stamina is far more limited. In State of Decay, venture too far from your home base and your stamina literally meant the difference between life or death. Taking on 2 or 3 zombies would permanently tire you requiring a period of rest, in a bed. And if you are far from home base, avoiding further scraps with Zeds was a necessity for survival! With these things in mind I am looking forward to 'Hard mode' and how it might address this issue. But I think these are things Techland should be mindful of when considering the future of Dying light. Certainly not to eradicate the Classic Zombie from the world, but to understand that an open world populated by the Classic Zed results in a stress free romp that looses the fear and excitement that surviving a zombie apocalypse should deliver!
  4. Thanks for responding Michal, and giving us some insight into the design process and decisions made. Don't get me wrong I understand wanting to have contrast between day and night, and I love the Classic Zombie aswell.. But at the same time, I always remember the thrill of seeing a zombie horde running towards you (Left 4 Dead) !! Even in the new Hard Mode, Dying Light is so open that careful navigation of the game world means that for 90% of the time, the player never need fight a single Zed..... Now in some ways that's fine, as I like the idea of being presented with a choice in how to overcome difficult encounters with Zeds.... But at the same time I think something from the core experience is missing. I'm playing Zombie Army Trilogy at the moment as well, and that game is obviously a very different game to Dying Light. Firstly it's linear, and there's no parkour etc. But what that game does do well is have points in the game where your back is up against the wall and you are literally fighting to survive!! Setting up traps, taking shots at the mass of zombies advancing towards you, then retreating down an alley way to create a choke point by which to funnel the large numbers of zombies making them more manageable. You have to get creative, and it's a visceral, tough fight to dat alive. I'm playing on Hard difficulty of course. And I'm not just talking about a horde mode here... Now these moments are not completely missing from Dying Light but perhaps happen far too infrequently, unless your running around shooting your gun in the air like 4th of July!!
  5. Lamoi

    Rb As The Jump Button

    I think they should give you the option.... But now having got used to it, Im actually starting to think it's a superior control scheme as you can look and jump simultaneously. I like it. Whereas A button, you hav to let go of the right stick to press the button. For game about parkour - it seems a better scheme. However, given the A button is used primarily for 'survivor sense' it's seems the A button could have been used for Jump as well without too much change for the core controls.
  6. I actually haven't seen slow down.... Infact it happened once.... And I've completed the game,
  7. That's why I'm looking forward to the 'Hard Mode'
  8. Yeah.... I think that mod looks great! Alas Im playing on XBOXONE...... But I hear you, night still needs to have that contrast, that spike in difficulty so you fear the 'dying of the light'.... Nevertheless, something needs to address the day time experience, because during the day there's absolutely no fear of the zombies at all.
  9. Lamoi

    Car Traps Missing And Other Problems.

    It happened on my new game plus mode as well.... Only light traps work... That's it. I'm on Xbox one aswell
  10. Lamoi

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    YES ????? BASEBALL BATS???????? Also - CMON?!! WHERES THE INFO ON HARD MODE???? !!!!!!!!!! I hope there's some more guns, and some kind of proximity mines, and crossbow/bow?
  11. Lamoi

    Wierdiest Place For Airdrop Ever

    I don't think its a 'drop' ....... It's always there right? Near the underwater cavern, Volatile nest!
  12. HOW SOON? Like THIS WEEK 'SOON'????????
  13. Lamoi

    Dying Light Homosexual Guys Need Help ;)

    LMAO...... This has to be to stupidest post/thread yet, sadly almost on par with the spam bots! It should be locked. To the OP - do you start all conversations this way? 'HELLO, IM G A Y. ' ??? I'm sure you don't. Neither do many people I wager. There's a lesson here somewhere isn't there? On the Dying Light Forum - I'd stick to the topic of Dying Light, that would make more sense.
  14. Lamoi

    Dying Light Homosexual Guys Need Help ;)

    Yep - cos every heterosexual guy I know is exactly like me...
  15. I would understand if they eventually could be converted into real microsoft points, by which I mean CASH.... Then absolutely a worth while endeavour !!! But as it is all it does is give you a higher Gamer score ..... And I mean Cmon!!!! Seriously??? I'd be embarrassed to have a high gamer score.... I mean I live in the UK and unfortunately gaming is seen as a bit of a 'kiddies' past time (which in reality it clearly isn't!). This is not America where Nintendo is a household brand! So the consequence of this means here in the UK, a grown man playing computer games, is seen as a bit dare I say, 'SAD' ? ( so for me, It's my secret shame) lol. So, because I don't think I will be going to work anytime soon boasting about my xbox gamer score, I suppose Achievements leave me a bit cold. But the only time they are worth while I think is if it's something cool, like diving into that toilet bowel in Crackdown 2.... That was actually a fun challenge and subsequent Achievement!!!
  16. Lamoi

    Last Story Mission Not Very Fun

    Agreed.... I initially thought like the OP..... Then I thought as above quote..... Slow down, calm yourself and be methodical.... I found initially i was making mistakes bcos I was panicking. Plus a few flares tossed behind you gives you room to breath.
  17. Why do people care about 'Achievements' .... There such a con.... Of course a brilliant invention... Microsoft invent something that costs them nothing, and gives the player actually nothing - but yet people want them? It's so stupid. Microsoft laughing all the way to the bank.
  18. Lamoi

    Bozak Horde And New Area

    Wave upon wave of enemies... Like Gears of War 'horde mode'... I'm worried it will be fairly generic arena like the one you fight in with Rais watching.. I hope the OP is right and we will get another area...
  19. Loads of Virals..... Viral horde please Techland! It's the day time too that the difficulty needs to go way up!! Especially in co-op is the difficulty most apparent... There's absolutely no threat.... Whatsoever... I mean 2 -3 players (during daytime) .... You cut through the the world with ease, like a hot knife through butter... I convinced my friend to buy this game. He doesn't yet get it... He's used to Destiny... but in a way I understand him not getting the game, he hasn't played many RPGs of open world type games - when we play, we run about a lot, loot a lot of items, and there are not a lot of enemies that pose a genuine threat, or that arent avoidable... So he's like to me.... 'When does the action start...' ? I really hope the HARD MODE hits us with more virals during the day, and a more punishing experience. Bcos at present this absolutely amazing game, is best played solo. To get the best survival horror type experience. So I hope Techland will address the difficulty during the day as well.... More Virals please! Bit more like this - HELL YEAH ! I mean obviously it needs tweaking, but that's what I'm talking about... Huge improvement!
  20. Could not have said it better.... Don't get me wrong, I love Dying Light, it's easily a contender for my personal Top Ten all time greatest games. But the DLC is pitiful... It's like zero thought went into it... And a 'horde mode' I mean gimme a break? That's the best they could come up with?? Lazy.. For that kind of money - I would want a fully realised expansion pack, new area, new story, missions etc... (I hope they do do an expansion pack by the way, that would be lovely!)
  21. Lamoi

    Skill Tree Strategy - Leveling

    Not being funny... But I'd be careful not to unlock skills like, - health regen - sturdiness Even the counter to the Biters grab ESCAPE and INSTANT ESCAPE - I've left them and not upgraded. Because it doesn't take too long before frankly, unless your absolutely rubbish, or you're playing carelessly, the game becomes dangerously close to being way too easy. I'm playing NG+ and have been looking at the 'ESCAPE' skills. Although cool, I just can't upgrade them at present. It would simply eliminate biters being a threat at all... Making the daylight hours a cake walk... Personally I can't wait for Hard Mode.
  22. Lamoi

    [Q] Hunt The Goon - Broken?

    There is actually also a spot on the map where is says GOONS OR GOON HUNTING GROUNDS.... It comes up as an icon, similar to Bolter feeding grounds...
  23. Lamoi

    Please Mr Techland Put A ...

    Yeah BUMP YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC....? If the hard mode was fully customisable, about 20 options you could turn on or off... Including no mini map no HUD... Increased number of Virals etc....