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    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I love the idea of spending $60 on multiple Dying Lights so I can bask in the glory of either a melee focused game or a firearm focused game, or perhaps even an unarmed focused game. Why stop there! Let's not even bother to include the firearms or the ability to utilize hand to hand combat in Dying Light: Melee Focused Edition and vice versa! Why set the bar high and be the jack of all trades when we can just scrap playing styles altogether? It's f*cking genius! ALL OF THAT FOCUS, I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THAT FOCUS.
  2. Wolfman

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    Good troll! I almost fell for this haha. For a moment there I actually thought you were implying that the Night Hunter was actually a formidable opponent a week or so after launch but we all know that's not true at all.
  3. Wolfman

    Help�how Yellow Gold Weapons Get

    There better goddamn be a Masturbation Queen.
  4. Wolfman

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    Who are you? The self-claimed ambassador of illogical nonsense to Techland forum? Why would they muster the effort to include a batch of new firearms only for us to just throw all of them away and continue to accept melee weapons as the one and only? Why is it taboo to discuss the subject that the firearms in Dying Light are underwhelming? My kills with melee weapons dwarf my kills with firearms, but I'm not playing Dying Light because of it's focus on melee weapons. You're simply selling the game lower than necessary. It doesn't HAVE to be this way. Guns don't have to just be gimmicks like they are now.
  5. Wolfman

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    How about - Techland makes the guns actually do adequate damage to the standard enemies from the get go? Why is a legendary tree needed for this in the first place? I can't count how many times I've used a police rifle to put more than three rounds into a biter's head only for it to get up and keep bumbling toward me. Every enemy type just shrugs off bullets! It was the same in the less difficult game modes. Even the unarmored zombies are able to withstand getting shot in the head now. I can try to kill three biters with headshots, I can maybe down two before I agro a bunch of virals.
  6. Wolfman

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    Here I am just biting my lip because I was hoping I can get to a point where guns didn't actually suck for a change via the Lengendary tree but now from the looks of it that chance is gone. I was using the semi-automatic shotgun most of the time because it was pretty much the only firearm that wasn't firing BBs, but now they're all suffering the same treatment. I can understand that the freaks and demolishers were dropping like flies and there needed to be some balancing but now firearms are back to the way they were before. Pointless viral-agroing wastes of potential.
  7. I rather enjoyed both endings. I actually enjoyed them both a lot more than Dying Light's campaign ending. They got to me, I won't put it lightly. Games with boring endings don't leave me with afterthought. But I don't feel like the endings, particularly the military 'Hammerdown' protocol - fit very well into the narrative that has been set up by the game previously. The protagonist would come all this way, just to press a few buttons, flip a switch and let the GRE win? It contradicts the protagonist's philosophy no matter how small the sacrifice was. I was not expecting a choice here. While I think both endings were very good, and shows off the talent of Techland's writing, I felt that the endings were inconclusive. The 'Volatile' ending seems fine, and in my opinion "canon" given no other alternative, (which I wish there was, perhaps to reason with the Mother) but I can't help but feel like there needed to be more insight into what happens to Crane. What of Camden? What of the research? Will Crane make it back to the Tower hoping his friends will reason with a volatile? You're left with two choices: Enjoy a bittersweet ending and let the GRE and the Ministry win and hope they won't continue to experiment with biological weaponry, or enjoy an ending that hints at the possibility of dooming humanity. Either way, it seems like the player was set up for a fall.
  8. Wolfman

    Looking For Tips.

    Nice suggestion, but I wouldn't say that's his only option. He might fare better by just lobbing a molotov up there. It'll save him the ammunition in his pistol.
  9. Wolfman

    Problems With Current Difficulty Modes

    The Bombers+Virals combo are beginning to rain on my enjoyment in the new expansion, on Nightmare Mode. They REALLY overdid it with this spawn-a-wolfpack-of-virals-out-of-thin-air-in-close-proximity mechanic. I might've killed as many virals as I have biters now ever since I started The Following. It quickly became a chore that's broken a completely Kinged-out orange tier, and now it's doing in my 2nd already, down to my last repair. It doesn't feel like a challenge. I think they really made a big mistake here. It's forcing the player into far too much combat which I don't think is how it should be. And it's unfortunate because I like the virals. I don't like the Bombers though. I don't think a fun enemy type is one that serves no purpose other than to agro another enemy type that is far more enveloping and fun to deal with (at least on Hard Mode and below) and there be absolutely no way to counter it's annoying attribute.
  10. Wolfman

    Would Anyone Like The Option To Respec?

    I'm glad there are others that feel the same. With this system I feel as though it can double as a tweak for how difficult we wish for the game to be and we can then play it parallel to our skill level. And that is a good suggestion. With less points in passive skills, perhaps players can rank up legendary levels more quickly. The bonus would not have to be outrageous but a few more points tagged onto your legendary progression would seem alright.
  11. 'Something I've always wanted was to have the freedom to choose which skills I wanted to invest in that matches my personal preference for how I wish to play this game. While I can certainly understand the convenience of not having to choose one skill or perk over another unlike other games with similiar elements of character progression, I would really welcome the option of freely choosing which skills I want to have in my arsenal and leave out some skills that I would rather do without. Why? At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging (I apologize), there are some cool skills I like that are locked behind very powerful ones that I would like to avoid. For example: Tic-Tac, a skill in the Agility tree that I value, is locked behind Freerunning Expert while I'm very comfortable currently invested in Freerunning Adept. I want to propose relieving these skill tree restrictions at, let's say: Once a skill tree has been fully enabled, from there we can freely pick and choose which skills we want to enable and which skills we want to disable. I welcome anyone's thoughts.
  12. Wolfman

    Dying Light App, Not Delivering Goods

    I've noticed after sending items via the application that if I'm not online (signed into the service, my PSN account in my case) the Quartermaster in Dying Light will not offer the docket package. As soon as I signed into PSN, the dockets popped and I was able to redeem the items. Perhaps it may take a few minutes, but it didn't for me. I know this doesn't answer your question, but in the event anyone else reads, the more info the better. Perhaps you may want to register again? It was straightforward for me, it asked for my character name I'd use for PSN as well as an email address and a password.
  13. Wolfman

    Dying Light Ps4 Performance

    OP after having played for some time on PS4 I've noticed that the game doesn't seem to have a locked framerate when it should. It's probably my biggest problem with the game overall. It's very annoying and I'm not sure why this hasn't been corrected yet. Superb contribution to this thread. You must be a blackbelt in wasting bandwidth.
  14. Wolfman

    Looking For Tips.

    I suggest making lots of firecrackers and lockpicks and go after police vans. These are guaranteed to always have weapons inside that you can either use, dismantle or sell at the shop for money. They will occassionally have some really good weapons you can use, and occassionally have mods you can assemble with a weapon you like. Get good with the lock picking, they're not too easy to pry open. Depending on the difficulty you're playing, if there's too many biters it'd be wise to look for less popular police vans.
  15. I can understand balance, but when your community is pleading for a harder challenge are we asking for loads of overcompensating ammunition in the shop? Which in turn, is a byproduct of the unnecessarily sponged-up common enemy type and so forth. In some ways Hard Mode is actually more unforgiving than Nightmare Mode. A nerfed Survivor Sense, 0 crafting items for sale, why exactly didn't this carry over to phase 3? Instead we can highlight Virals and Rais's goons during the day with Survivor Sense - Why on earth would this be decided when a supposed less difficult setting did not have this crutch for players? And we also gain skill points significantly faster. IMO, I just don't see that as a heightened challenge - of course, not everybody has the time to burn, but I didn't think it took long to plow through the levels so long as you watched your footing.
  16. Wolfman

    Bozak Horde Goons Too Hard

    The trick I found was to keep chucking propane tanks at the special enemy types during every waking minute and I eventually beat it after much trial and error, as well as the extra challenges. If the propane didn't down them in, power-charging with your weapon will save your skin. But I haven't touched the Bozak Horde since the initial launch. So things may have changed. If you ask me, I don't think I'll ever go back and play that DLC again.
  17. Yeah they are a little omnipresent. But they're nowhere near as bad as the goons in Grand Theft Auto V. I can at least appreciate Techland for actually trying to make a dynamic mob.
  18. I agree. It's the late-millennial archetype of the action-horror genre in my opinion. I would suggest that the reviews are suffering from flesh-eating fatigue, but there are some things in the game that upon release had me thinking that they could've done a lot better. But most of it had to do with the story - and many other things were remedied later in the game. Like the difficulty. For me it's an 8/10. It's not a game that is collecting dust on the shelf and it's truly in a category of it's own. 'Fantastic game. I recommend it to everyone I know. Even my dog.
  19. Wolfman

    "disable Hud" Option Is Broken. :(

    Holy sh*t, that's a great thing to request. I can't recall if there's a music slider however, and if such a slider does disable the pursuit track. But yes, they fumbled their difficulty mode with this simple key mechanic and the option to not have this, or to not have it in what they claim is the next level to Hard Mode would have been nice.
  20. Wolfman

    Nightmare Mode Inconsistent Features

    I've noticed this too. I'm a little disappointed in finding that what made Hard Mode more difficult didn't transfer over to the new difficulty. I suppose they felt they needed to balance the mode out a bit more, but what I had been hoping for was a 'Grounded Mode' But we kind of a got a hybrid of Normal and Hard Mode. They just won't let go of our hands. Techland, a lot of your fan base consists of challenge junkies. Give us our true fix! We've been asking for this since Hard Mode.
  21. Out of concern for story spoilers, as I haven't completed the expansion yet, I didn't read the entire post. But I will say that I found the base game's story very cliché and predictable, however with some unforgettable highlights. 'Particularly, the opening missions introducing night gameplay. The Following seems to be taking an older thematic approach, and having seen the open fields riddled with zombies, it felt like a clear salute to Night of The Living Dead, and to be honest - it gets two thumbs up from me for that. It's also got some Mad Max in it that I'm enjoying as well. So far, it's a great expansion and I can't wait to play more.
  22. Do you have some kind of deathwish OP? Fighting volatiles, are you crazy?
  23. Wolfman

    Expcalibur Sword?

    Are you playing on Nightmare Mode? It's been said there you are not to use any Easter Egg weapons in a Nightmare Mode playthrough.
  24. Wolfman

    Sick Of Assists! Nightmare Mode Ruined!

    Nightmare Mode is already proving to be a very challenging experience now that essentially everything you do costs stamina. And it's nice to see we can finally remove the HUD too. I like that they tweaked Ultimate Fighter so that you don't have infinite swing time, however I feel the same should apply to Ultimate Runner. In my opinion though, even with the tweaks, I can't help but feel like many of the skills still prove to be a little too powerful, but I guess I'll have to give myself some time to get seasoned with the difficulty. I also agree that Dying Light should provide a checklist for each and every HUD element that you wish to remove or keep. While I would certainly play with a clean screen, I still would like to bring up the weapon wheel to select the item or equipment I want. Also, I like that they added a bloody screen element. That fades as you heal. I honestly thought it was a bug, but it proves to be convienent without the clutter.
  25. The Season Pass indicates that there will be three content packages. The content has already been released, and in my opinion, I'm really disappointed with the DLC. Remember this mouthwatering trailer? When I first laid eyes on this, I began to heavily consider picking up the season pass just to insure I'd get day-1 access to the bow and the vast stadium featured in the video. Now The Bozak Horde is released and its nothing like in the video. Instead, it's a glorification of parkour time trials, repetitive hacking and slashing and on top of this, it forces a bland, linear solo/co-op experience which only lasts a half an hour, more if you're actually trying to get the extra arrow blueprints. Yes, instead of experiencing the stadium in a manner that Dying Light prides' itself on, the freedom to explore, (to find those blueprints), there ain't any of that. There are no collectibles, there are no npc characters, there is no story (despite the game hinting at revealing who "they", who Bozak is, but never do), there are no Easter Eggs. There's "Hordes" but there is no dynamic wave-survival like in Dead Island: Riptide, or simply like Dead Island's Bloodbath arenas, (better dlc imo). There is a bow. But that's all we get for $9.99. Now there is most-likely going to be a fourth DLC drop. For the sake of the thread, let's just say there will be. The dune buggies. I'm giving Techland the benefit of the doubt despite so many times my hopes and wishes were grounded, that this will be also included with the Season Pass to be compensated for the latest we received. Maybe they read these forums and take note but keep radio-silence to aleviate blowback, maybe they think Dying Light's season pass is actually a bargain. I don't know. I don't think it is. I don't even think it's worth $10, even if Cuisine and Cargo and Ultimate Survivor were included, but that's just my opinion. This is entirely a subjective post. You don't have to agree with me, but these are words of a concerned gamer to another - please do not buy the Season Pass for Dying Light. Just do yourself a favor and wait. It's not worth it yet.