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  1. Sean-E-Boy

    Ps4 Coop

    Hey guys once again I post this. Me and my cousin want to get the trophy for playing 4 player coop on ps4. Add me Up Sean-E-Boy. Looking for urgent help thanks guy!
  2. Sean-E-Boy

    Urgent Co-Op Help Ps4!

    Hey guys i have beaten dying light and almost have all trophies for the ps4 version of dying light. I started a campaign + and i need help. I play coop with my cousin on dying light and we need 2 more players with mics who speak english on the ps4 to help us get the 4 player coop mission trophies. We are really good at the game and have exp boosting strategies incase your a low level. We dont care about what level you are because we can help you guys rank up and you just have to listen to us since we know what we are doing. If you are looking to have fun rank up quickly and get the 4 player coop trophies and become better just add my psn: Sean-E-Boy or my Cousins PSN SlimShea-T. Please help us! We are currently playing and will probably be playing most of the da since we live in Canada and there is a ton of snow today (snow day for school and our houses are snowed in) so we will be on all day. Send us friend requests and we will accept and send you a party invite asap