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  1. Church

    Dead Chick In The Water

    Well, there's a few theories circling around in my peer group about this very thing. On the one hand she could have very well decided that there was no escaping the city now that the wall had gone up and it was clear that both the military and the GRE were doing jackall to try and rescue the few remaining living residents; all those air drops with antizin and supplies but not a single soldier or weapons to ensure that regular citizens had a fighting chance. She could have taken that picnic basket full of what remaining goods she had up atop that steep incline, set everything up for one last semi-peaceful horizon watching session, drank a perhaps tainted bottle of water, spiked with something lethal, then took a plunge. But then you have to think about the other hand: What if it had been an accident? What if she'd gone up there to enjoy a day to herself as best as she could considering that the entire city was infested with the undead and rotten mutations? What if, honestly, she was packing up her basket because she was finally ready to go home but didn't notice her water bottle was just behind her foot and when she stepped back that bit of plastic unbalanced her enough to send her tumbling off into the water where in the shallows she smacked just hard enough to break her neck, killing her instantly? Or maybe she wasn't up there alone. Perhaps she had a friend or boyfriend up there with her enjoying that picnic? Was there an argument that got out of hand that ended when she went screaming over the edge? Was it an accident much like the tripping over the water bottle scenario where instead it was a wrong move, maybe an accidental body bump that sent her flying? Or could it have been a zombie that had wandered too close and she got scared, jumping off thinking she could just make the edge to deeper water where she could swim to safety? Really, the possibilities are endless! And, heck, it's fun to speculate! My pet theory is that it was an accident. Her eyes looked kinda wide to me which made me think she was shocked, and the pupils looked relatively normal which also made me think that it wasn't something that actually scared her to terribly; there was deeper water just a few feet from where her body was so perhaps she thought she'd hit that and be okay. There didn't appear to be any bruising or oddly shaped limbs either. No bite marks that I can remember. Also there wasn't any bloating so she couldn't have been dead long. (Of course there's no actual decay happening to the non-infected since the bodies of both the infected and non-infected tend to disappear but w/e.) Just a pretty woman floating in the water. I kinda want some official backstory or something. XD
  2. Church

    Dying Light 2: How To Become Legendary

    Mostly because of all the work that would need to go back into the game to change a good chunk of the game itself ti implement even a fraction of what the list suggests. I may not be a developer or game programmer but I know programming and even small changes take time but these aren't small changes. Just the idea of making the (we'll call it) karma system for positive verses negative interactions would be somewhat impossible to do with the core game itself because the game is already made. It's a complete product that we've already been released to the public at large. (DLC doesn't count because that's add-on, something to supplement the gameplay and/or storyline.) They could, however, build off the bones of the game and implement some of these features in a DLC or, as suggested, a sequel to the game because they're creating something 'new' even if they were reusing assets or building off the bones themselves. It'd be a lot faster, honestly, making a new game because they'd literally have to redo a lot, especially with the dynamic npc suggestion because that's a whole host of programming going into 'good' vs 'bad' and how that would then affect your character(...of which Id like to point out is a 2 dimensional idiot for the majority of the game). I'd love to see this in a game like Dying Light, though, especially the female character choice and dynamic NPCs. +1
  3. Church


    I think OP was expecting something more akin to Dead Rising than what Dying Light actually is. +1 to Airsickhydra for hitting the nail on the head: Harran is, at least supposedly in the in-game universe, a rather poor country with only a sparse 'wealthy' populous. It's kind of echoing the World Cup fiasco that was Brazil bulldozing its own people and scrapping the poor into the trash piles while touting how wealthy and vibrant Brazil was for the tourist because apparently that's just how effin' stupid and unfit their government is and how little it thinks about the welfare of its people. (The Harran games is, to me, a direct reflection except instead of rioting peoples they have zombies but are still left with the strife and the overwhelming sense of abandonment and governmental incompetence.) But, really, it all comes down to: Harran isn't America where strip malls and sporting goods stores seem to litter the landscape in higher population areas. It's a relatively small country with limited wealth, an overabundance of lower-middle/lower class citizens, and a flare for open stall markets and bazaars much like what we see in true life eastern countries. And those? Those got ransacked within the first weeks of the outbreak. Not much left, now, three months in with the majority of the remaining population relying heavily on the GRE airdrops and kindness from their 'neighbors', as it were. TL;DR: This isn't Dead Rising. The sections you're playing in have absolutely no room for vehicles to drive because there's wrecks and fires, and zombies everywhere. This isn't that kind of game.
  4. Church

    Coop - Players Not Showing Ingame

    Post this over in the Help section, man. You're more likely to get a look-see from Devs over there than in General Discussion. Hopefully you'll get some answers.
  5. Church


    Jump over to Players Helping Players! I've seen a few threads just like this over there so hopefully you can round up a team rather quickly. Good luck, man!
  6. Still wouldn't solve the 'Rais' men strip Kyle of everything useful' plothole. But, hey, maybe there's something coming DLC-wise. Who knows.
  7. Church

    Mod Compatibity With Other Users?

    Head over to the Modding Tools section and repost this topic there or even the Players Helping Players section. I think you'd garner more responses. Hopefully someone can help you out with this and get you up and gaming...with yourself?
  8. Church

    Diversity In Guns

    + At one point I think there was a sniper-esque weapon in the game because I swear I remember seeing screenshots or a gunplay demo (or something) where there was a rifle with a scope on it. I may have conjured it from the ether but I could swear it was supposed to be part of the game. Either way, I'm right there with you on the inclusion of a sniper rifle. + I'm also really enthusiastically behind the idea of a crossbow but not so much on the recurve simply because of the overly urban setting. I'd figure there would be more hunting rifles than bows because of the 'supposed' game around to be hunted. But a crossbow? That would be something more 'everyman'. And what I wouldn't give for it because silent kills would be an amazing asset where sound can get you swarmed. + Techland, take note! It would be an amazing addition to the game, especially when you have a certain NPC in Old Town that is certified. + Something like a Spas-12...might be stretching believable inclusion simply because of who mainly uses it (hint: it ain't the Turkish military). Maybe a M204 would better suit the setting. Or even one of those gas powered shotguns that look like assault rifles (1919)? Either way I desperately want a shotgun that isn't a double barrel-waste-of-my-time.
  9. I was kind of left scratching my head at this exact thing because it honestly made no sense whatsoever. There was no connection between Lena and Brecken beyond the tentative Doctor/patient byplay we saw in the beginning. There are no other real interactions between the two and as of yet I've not heard a single peep from either of these characters during their idle animation sequences/idle chatter loops to indicate that they were, at any point, seeing one another. So I couldn't, and still don't, understand how Kyle would draw then conclusion that they were seeing one another. But then I remembered: Kyle's a frackin' idiot. I can only assume, at this point, that he put two and two together and came up with fish because Lena was upset that Breckan was wanting to go back out after getting the snot kicked out of him. (Seriously, where is this romantic connection? Anyone find it? Anyone? Bueller?) Though, Airsickhydra, I don't think they'd have known each other before the outbreak simply because of what Breckan himself said about coming to Harran (he came looking to drum up students, had a pocketful of business cards). Lena, though, Lena's been in Harran (if not a native) for a long time since she knows Gazi and his habits to the point she can quote him. Maybe they could have known one another before getting sealed inside the city but supposedly it's been three months since the wall went up so my money is on them meeting post outbreak when Brekcan helped establish the Tower. But, really, it's all speculation. As for the bottle of Antizin that Kyle took from that first drop? My money is on it being swiped during one of the several times Rais' men capture and strip Kyle of his possessions because it's never mentioned again. There's also the possibility that it was lost or crushed during any number of missions Kyle sets out on while dashing around Harran. But most likely Rais' people took it and, I'd laugh it were true, to add insult to injury it's the very vial (loaded up in that dispenser) that Rais himself throws you during that scene. Again, all speculation.
  10. Church

    2 Questions Please Help

    I'm going to redirect you to the Help Section where you may find answers or at the very least some topics that talk about the updates, patching, and digital downloaded versions. Check out the Knowledgebase which has a hand submit ticket option for any questions/concerns that aren't already addressed. Hopefully you'll be able to find some answers there or get a more direct response.
  11. Church

    51 Side Quest

    Check over in the Help section the and post up in one of the side-quest threads. You might find out more about these quests being glitched for you or just general help.
  12. Church

    About Co-Op?

    Have you gotten to the point where it tells you that Co-op is unlocked? I only ask to ensure that we offer reliable help because once you've reached that point, and are playing in online mode, it'll let you cycle online matches and join your friends directly from your friend's list (depending on platform this could be different) or from the pause screen.
  13. Or it simply means you're impatient and haven't done anything since contacting them once and expected them to get to you right now over everyone who possibly contacted them before you or have kept up with trying to get answers. Right. It's totally Techland lying to you and not PSNs fault for not releasing it to you. Which I find a little odd because I know I've read someone from one of the asian countries playing and wondering about the save game glitch. I'd suggest trying to contact psn again until you get a definitive answer, friend.
  14. Church

    Can I Run Dying Light On My Pc?

    Hey man, let me redirect you towards the Players Helping Players section. Repost your topic in there and I'm sure you'll get more attention and answers!
  15. Church

    Missed Oppertunities

    This is not an argument. I've listed out possible reasons why such and such wasn't included in the game. It's all contextual and these are the reasons that make the most sense to me as to why such and such wasn't added/done. Besides it doesn't matter what we want, it's how the game was developed and presented to us and that presentation set up for the 'realism' in as far as a zombie game can be realistic. It's the in-game universe's context we have to work with and the in-game universe is set in a state of 'realism' based on true life with the asked suspension of believe because zombies. You don't have to like it but that's the way the game is set up. Want something different then make your own game or petition Techland for a more thorough explanation as to why they're not doing what you want with their game. As for reasons to unlock outfits even if they don't do anything? Uh, how about a change of clothes? To simply look different? For possible bragging rights. (i.e. Hey man I found this secret outfit from an easter egg! Aww yiss, I'm awesome!) Take your pick. My question is: Why would a change of clothes have stats attached to them? Would it be interesting, sure, but why? They're just clothes. They're there to make you look different. And in the context of the game's world...they're still just fresh clothes. (With the exception of one outfit which unlocks gliding.)