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  1. The one million dollar question....
  2. I would expect a non-finished product be this buggy.... not a final retail copy. Next time consider open a beta program... Posted on wrong section... could someone move this to the proper area? Wrong section... my mistake. Could someone move it to general?
  3. navorsky

    When Is The Save Game Patch Coming Out?

    This. I need to know THIS.
  4. navorsky

    To Developers ( Please All Must Read This)

    I think he did... "Save file Corruption" . Need a more clarified description..but its there.
  5. how the hell did you guys managed to understand what he was saying?
  6. Really, don´t say "coming real soon"... need a real date. I didn´t buy this game on day one to have to wait til a week later to be able to play it.
  7. Yeah, i´ll start a new game... and store my saves in a usb stick until they release a fix for this. That´s a shame, the game is really fun.
  8. Like everyone else ... i also lost everything. Happened early in the game... about 5 ou 6 hours of playing. Went to sleep and left the game properly. When i came back, everything was lost. OK, i´m aware this is a bug ( a very NASTY one ) , and it will be adressed in the upcoming patch. But what i don´t know is: Am i going to recover all my stuff back? Yes or No! Please DEV´s , i bet everyone here want to know this answer. I need to know that before i start a new game. Sorry about any mistyping or grammatical error...english is not my first language.
  9. navorsky

    Add Me To The List Who Got F*d

    Yep. Another one here for the list.... But mine crashed around 10 or 12% ... can´t recall the mission, but i was over to meet someone in a tunnel , just threatened an old man for money... Happened after sleeping and exiting... Everything i want to know is: Is this "Save Game" patch going to retrieve all my itens and abilities back? In my case it wasn´t a great loss anyway... but i was wondering. Anyway, i´m not playing/recomending this game until this bug is properly fixed.
  10. navorsky

    One Flaw That Kills The Game

    Easy? Are you nuts? I´m having a hard time running from those damn super incredible and deadly night army zombies... Everytime it gets dark and i can´t reach a safehouse, i hide myself in a tight corner and cry till morning. ;P That may be a little exagerated... lol but yes, i think it´s pretty good the way it is.