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  1. Damien111

    Bugs/glitches I Noticed On Dying Light

    I have 81% trophy completion? I don't think that means anything? I just played with around 10 people today who have gotten Now It's Safe, so I don't know. Homo Homini Lupus Est: I was one of the people who kept getting mad because I wasn't getting the trophy when I thought I had saved well over 15, then I went into my statistics and found out that I had only 8 out of 15 people saved, I have the trophy now after getting 15 .-. All side quests is a chupacabra, I just did all challenges and still have not unlocked the trophy, I think there may be something we don't know here (Maybe a secret quest somewhere? At the end of one of the side quests I was told to meet some guy somewhere and that he marked it on my map, but it was never marked for me), but I put in a support ticket about this one. By the way, there is New Game + if you think something is glitched on that one playthrough, do it again and I'm sure it'll work.
  2. Damien111

    Bugs/glitches I Noticed On Dying Light

    To clear this up a bit, the trophy Now It's Safe is not glitched at all. There are safe zones you unlock during side quests and story missions as well. I myself have the trophy and 100% story completion. (Little example, is two of the buildings in old town you need a side quest to access which turn into safe zones) It's all in the writing includes voice mails, notes, and the journals, a youtuber already got this trophy from collecting all of them. Polyamory is not glitched, you just have to be in the same game with 3 other people, not including yourself. No one can leave or drop out, or the trophy will reset. The Whole Story is definitely glitched, as I have completed all story missions, and all side quests, yet it has not shown up.