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    So you're okay with buying a product with many flaws that has not been extensively tested prior to release to ensure the consumers have a working and complete product? Idiotic. If I buy a product I expect a working product, why do they deserve my money for a broken product? Not only am I paying for the product I am paying for the after care and support. Which I have not yet received. This game is not an early release title on steam. This is a full AAA release title, being marketed as a complete product. This is why pre-ordering is bad. Too many games are shipped incomplete messes. Take a leaf out of Nintendo's book, fantastic track record for working releases. Previous posts say otherwise.
  2. Just to show how active and helpful the tech support team is, check out their last active times... http://forum.techland.pl/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders Artur Lis, last active: Jan 27 2015 12:28 PM Michal Rainert, last active: Jan 20 2014 12:17 PM Thanks so much for the support guys!
  3. My suggestion? Don't buy it, it's not fit for purpose. Look in the tech support sub section and see the problems the game is having.
  4. Speeedy14

    Patch 1.03 Is Just To Shut Us Up?

    It is beyond poor. Complete lack of respect for their customers. There is simply no excuse, not enough testing was done and now we are beta testing it for them after paying full price. Disgusting.
  5. Hello Me, my brother, girlfriend and his girlfriend are having trouble playing coop on PS4. When we have three people in the game the 4th one gets an error message saying a connection could not be established, is anyone else receiving this? All have NAT type 2. Ports are open for my GF's PS4 and my PS4 is in DMZ. My brothers at his place has his PS4 in DMZ and his girlfriends with ports opened. What is the problem, it just seems odd it's always the 4th person that can't join. I look forward to not receiving a reply from Techland "Tech support"