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  1. Alpacalypse

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    How to win: Equip UV light Equip flares Spam Q WIN. win win win win
  2. Parkour zombies that aren't easily tricked by passing their chupacabra pathfinding NO GRAPPLING HOOK.
  3. After level 10, it really would be nothing more than a gimmick. I find it WAY too easy to avoid zombies just by parkouring across rooftops. Vollies included.
  4. I'm at the endgame, and I only really find swords, with Longswords and Katanas being the best of them. I hope that weapons will eventually scale with level, because I want to be able to use a bat with Homerun on it again.
  5. Alpacalypse

    Stages Of The Harran Virus

    Stage 6: They develop strong cognitive abilities, but retain a weakness to ultraviolet rays. It becomes able to use its intestines as locomotive devices, and also uses them to entangle and kill prey. The penultimate hunter.
  6. The last 5 lobbies I've been in, I lost. Know why? They chained flares together, and grappled onto the roof and threw flares whenever I spit horde onto them. They'd also spam their sense to know exactly where I was at all times. If this doesn't get fixed, I'm going to uninstall Dying Light. I've had my fun. I have 70 hours into it, I finished the campaign twice. I was hoping for a bit of meta fun with Be the Zombie, but judging by how mortally unbalanced this trash is... I'm gonna go back to Far Cry 4 if this doesn't get patched. At least you can still shoot your gun when someone is in your line of sight.
  7. Alpacalypse

    Got A Favourite Mod?

    I thought you meant weapon mods. I was gonna scream "HOMERUN!"
  8. That just makes people too reliant on Survivor Sense. Personally, I only use it when looting. It's so easy to shake a volatile once you have a grappling hook.
  9. They all keep money on them at all times. Including the emo night zombies. Oh, and some of them take MASSIVE doses of steroids.
  10. Alpacalypse

    You Want Challenge ? Don't Use Medipack !

    Easy. Just parkour around.
  11. Alpacalypse

    Re-Watching The Walking Dead After This Game

    I could parkour like that when I was 14, and I spent most of my days sitting on a computer.
  12. Alpacalypse

    What?! New Zombie Type!

    you boxed that joke in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. Alpacalypse

    I Never Received My Preorder Weapon Docs!

    Protip: I think you may have needed to register before launch. idk though.
  14. Alpacalypse

    Restart Supply Drops

    I want this, and a better payoff for the drops. Maybe some rare military grade weapons, munitions and ordinance. I'd love to see some kind of unique grenade or firearm in the drops.
  15. Alpacalypse

    Dear Techland, I Won't Be Buying. :(

    To be honest... Gender doesn't damn matter in a game. It's a separate series of 1's and 0's.